3rd Jun 2019, 10:26

It's been talked about on here a few times - I believe the "faults" section to be a little confusing for some. This is not my review, but I've wrote a few reviews on this site and mentioned only faults on my high mileage cars (things breaking down/not working) and got comments saying similar things because I did not mention wear and tear. To say it sparked a debate is an understatement!

It is possible for a car to have many miles FAULT free, but of course you expect that the suspension, brakes, tyres, bulbs and other "consumables" to be replaced during this time. I really like this site, but perhaps there should be a "wear and tear / consumable" sub-section in the reviews, and advice on what to include. For example - a serious breakdown or dash warning light - fault. New tyres/brakes - wear and tear. Should make things a bit clearer, though you will probably still get some people debating what is a fault or consumable, and jokers saying they got 200,000 miles on the same tyres :D

3rd Jun 2019, 11:00

They were trouble free for us. I am a different commenter. To me trouble free is one that never had any major repairs. Meaning engine or trans failures. Just vigilant maintenance, changing fluids, filters, tires, batteries. Had a sunroof motor go, but it was open and shut a lot every day. I can’t say the later TL was, but I have nothing but praise on Legends. My company didn’t actually really want me to have this as a new company car. I was one of the first to have one. I was in sales calling on steel mills, car manufacturing plants and even Harley Davidson. For that time it wasn’t well received driving any foreign cars. There was a very big Made in USA attitude then. Which often required long walks from the areas where you met up with customers. It could easily kill a sale. Times changed, but there was a stigma back then driving the car. The back end value on the lease remained quite high, so that was a plus factor convincing them.

At any rate, I have had many company cars from many brands over the years. There’s absolutely no bias on a review as there’s no personal investment or attachment. But driving a couple hundred miles every weekday, you get to know a vehicle inside out. Some of my coworkers would buy some of our sales vehicles at end of leases for their own personal use. So I got feedback later on some that achieved high odometer reads. This happened to be one of the very best. As far as drivability, it was very comfortable and was actually quite fast. You had to watch out, avoiding speeding tickets. Also felt very solid and seemed very well built.