21st Jun 2007, 21:08

I have recently purchased a 1990 Legend L coupe, and I love it! I am glad to know that other Legends have lifter noise at cold starts, because I was bothered by it at first, but sure enough after the car gets to operating temperature it goes away, and runs very smooth and quiet. My Legend is in great shape. The leather seats have been redone and look new, it is cherry red with a small spoiler, and custom wheels. All the power options work well, and the car drives great considering it has 168,000 miles. I gave $2000.00 for it, and have only had to do simple maintenance to it like oil change, radiator flush, spark plugs, air filter, and front brakes. I did these myself to save money, and because they are easy to do for anyone with a little mechanical aptitude. I love the fact that it is a luxury car with a manual transmission! I love to shift and that v-6 really rumbles with an after market exhaust and air filter. I have owned Hondas before, and they are great cars. I love this car, and I plan to keep it for a long time. The only gripe I have with the car is the gas mileage, I am use to getting close to 40 mpg with my last Civic, and Toyota Paseo, but you have to sacrifice gas mileage for more power.

1st Jul 2009, 00:56

I purchased a '89 Acura Legend for $1000.00! Almost backed out as the deal seemed too good to be true (as they usually are!) I went ahead and bought it & I'm so glad! It had a little bit of an oil leak but the rest of the car was in MINT condition! A couple of months after buying it, it began to make a ticking noise for appx. 2 minutes when I 1st started in the cold mornings, then the noise lasted appx. 5 minutes and now it ticks a lot, but everyone that's listened to it has informed me it's the lifters. After reading other comments on this site, I was relieved to find that they were correct and even learned of a couple of possible forms of treatment: Can of System Restore & 30/5 Oil. (Shan)

4th Oct 2009, 22:58

I purchased a 1990 Acura Legend L two days ago for $2,800 and I can't imagine getting a better deal. The car has only 105,000 miles on it and no "ticking" noise when starting although I haven't had a cold morning yet (it is only October). The only thing wrong with it is that the entire glove box falls out when I open it due to broken hinges in the back. Other than that I would label this car as one of the best used cars to buy even in 2009. This car is 20 years old and it runs like new!!

1st Apr 2010, 22:01

Just bought a 1990 LS 5 Speed Coupe with 128,000 one owner miles. The leather is in good shape with no tears or rips and there is no rust at any of the typical places (under the fuel door, behind the rear wheels or in between the trunk lid and the bumper). I put in a new clutch and replaced the transmission with a used / rebuilt one, as there was an issue with 5th and reverse. Due to the transmission issues, I got the car for $750.00 and put $1,200 into it. The car also has new shocks, springs, tires, brakes and exhaust.

Even though I own newer cars, this is the car I choose to drive. It is a pleasure to drive and the throttle response is quite nice.

I could have spent tens of thousands more to get the same fun, reliability, and dependability that I get with this 20 year old car!

If you see one for sale with low miles that has been maintained - grab it before someone else does.

18th Nov 2010, 18:38

I have a 1990 Acura Legend coupe; it has been an awesome car. I've had it for almost 2 years now, and it has never really given me problems. It has always leaked a bit of oil, but was never really leaking a lot until now.

We have recently had a bunch of snow, and I can see a visible spot of sludge about the size of a large grapefruit under my car. I checked the oil though, and it's still reading between low and high, so right where it should be.

I am wondering how much do you think fixing an oil leak will cost? And is it really necessary, considering the car only cost me 2000? As in should I just keep changing the oil regularly to make sure it's always topped up?

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks,

29th Jan 2011, 17:59

I got my 90 LS Coupe a year ago for $1200. It's a great car, the best I've ever owned. My one complaint is I can't find many aftermarket parts for it. Right now I'm looking for a body kit. Anybody know any good company that might have something?

22nd Apr 2011, 14:27

Hey, I have a 90 Acura Legend as well as a 91 5 speed. The 90 has 195k miles on her. I bought her last year Feb, with a 186k for $575. She's a champion. If you guys take care of them, they will take care of you! Promise!