1990 Acura Legend from North America


Good working vehicle


Had to change the radiator, thermostat, brakes, calipers, transmission speed sensor, engine head gaskets, cruise control device, sunroof leaked, antenna was broken, brake lines were leaking, has two replaced on the front.

General Comments:

The Acura Legend is a good car, but when it breaks with age, things need to be replaced. I have almost invested in my car over three thousand dollars, and I'm not about to sell it, I'm happy with it, but it has cost me money to repair it.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2011

1990 Acura Legend L 2.7 V6 C27a1 from North America


I have a new respect for Honda


When I first drove it home, the check engine light came on. Turns out the O2 sensor was dead completely.

For a few months I had no problems out the car. Then the passenger side CV joint started to click.

Replaced the front brakes, and just replaced the driver side CV last week.

The seat belt would not retract, which was a problem cause I would get pulled over a lot.

All of a sudden there was a rubbing noise coming from the front end. I thought the driver side CV was bad, cuz it was torn. But it didn't click when turned. When I gave the car gas going around a corner, it made a horrible knocking noise. Turns out the jackass who replaced the passenger CV axle, didn't put the pin back in axle nut. While I was driving it was coming loose.

The paint is sun burned on the hood and the roof. The clearcoat has come off on the passenger side fender and the door.

The Honda rust is there, but you already knew that already LOL. Besides that, the body is in good shape. No dents or dings.

General Comments:

It all started when I got ripped off. It was a 91 Acura Integra. White, 2 door. I paid a pretty penny for it cause I need a car fast!

To make a long story short, the car had burnt valve which led to a lot of black smoke, rough idle. I couldn't even go over 80mph. Besides that major flaw it was a good car. So I decided to give Honda another chance and I don't regret it.

I looked in the paper and saw a 1990 Acura Legend with 106000 miles. I looked at it the same day. I looked at everything! It is burgundy, tan and black interior, cloth seats (I would love leather seats though).

The car was very well taking care of. The backseat looked brand new (until my son got in the backseat). The engine didn't have the annoying lifter tick I hear so much about. It does leak a little oil, but not much.

During the first week, I noticed gas was burning just as fast as I could put it in. The O2 sensor was bad. The car does burn a lot of gas, which is a common problem with this car.

While driving the car one day, it started making a loud roaring noise. I was scared it was major repair. Turns out, a piece of plastic was rubbing against the fan. I fixed myself.

The car itself is a work of art. The dash is nicely put together, the steering is light, and fast!!

My fave feature is the sport mode for the tranny. The car responds quicker, accelerates faster and the motors sounds wicked being revved up to redline.

I know the tranny is weak in this model car. The 1-2 shifts are a bit jerky, but not a problem.

Overall the car makes make a happy Acura owner. I'm looking for a g2 model. But the blown head gasket scares me to much in the 3.2.

I plan on doing a complete tune up soon. Hopefully the gas mileage will improve.

If you find a low mileage Legend, buy it!!

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2008