1990 Acura Legend L 2.7 from North America


Great engineering, reliability and handling


Incredible car. I bought in new in 1990. I had to replace the AC compressor at 250,000 miles, and finally had to replace the auto transmission at 302,000 miles. Everything else has been maintenance or ordinary wear and tear. I am still on the original engine, and have lost all of 2 MPG since the car was new.

General Comments:

Great car; over-engineered by Acura for reliability and durability. I see the original generation Legend on the road all the time here in Southern California. How many other cars from 1990 do you see?

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Review Date: 10th February, 2008

1990 Acura Legend LS 2.7L from North America


Nice features and engine, but poor transmission and reliability!


1) Ignition Switch died while driving, was going slow so I managed to come to the curb on emergency breaks, but would be dead if I was on a highway ($198 CAD repair)

2) Sunroof leaked ($120 CAD repair)

3) Bose Audio system completely died ($700 CAD to replace with Pioneer deck & speakers)

4) Master brake cylinder died ($489 CAD repair)

5) Transmission grinding ($198 for flushing system, did not solve problem, was quoted a rebuild for more than the car was worth).

6) Power windows losing power, not going all the way down. (Did not repair)

7) Second power antenna failed (Did not repair)

8) Front suspension failing (Did not repair)

9) PVC Valve, Air intake & Fuel filter replaced (369 CAD repair) due to poor engine performance.

10) Loss of power on acceleration (Transmission getting worse)

11) Front Passenger window switch died (Did not repair)

12) Rear back seat floor collapsed (Did not repair)

13) Plastic panels that are near the windows in the car fell off, all of them, poor design and almost impossible to re-glue.

14) Leather seats hard and tearing (Did not repair)

15) Rear control arm failed ($290 CAD repair)

General Comments:

This car was a blast to drive when working, but the problems are hard to predict. I really loved the moon roof (until it leaked), the key ring light, back-lighting in every storage compartment and even on window controls, the climate control (had a sunlight sensor!), and the wiper blades that dropped out of sight when not in use.

Nice features, but the components on this car just don't hold up over time; the automatic transmission is the worst thing about this car. When the transmission began to slip, the loss of power was major, and the car was not safe to drive.

I do not recommend this car for purchase, pay more money for a newer car and save yourself the time spent in a shop. It is also very overpriced in the used car market, and should be given away free because the transmission repair will cost more than the purchase price.

The engine is bullet proof however, one of the best engines ever put into a car, but the other components don't live up to the engine's reputation.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2007

3rd Feb 2007, 04:24

Look at your reviewers mileage its high. I bought this car when it was new and loved it. I sold it at 109,000 miles when the heater core leaked into the passenger area. I drove mine around 200 miles a day and it was very comfortable and very well optioned. This was the most reliable vehicle I ever owned and I have owned several new Hondas. Later I went to Acura TL and my last was my worse experience with multiple transmission failures. The TL was $10000 more by now then a new Legend was years before. Anyay, I now own 2 new GM's. I use to obviously love imports, but enough was enough. It was a shame they discontinued the Legend. There is the RL, but its very expensive now and I was quite hesitant after I had mechanical issues.

22nd Feb 2009, 12:52

Boy, I don't know what was wrong with your Legend. I owned until recently, due it being damaged beyond repair when hit in front of my house, a 1989 Legend LS. This was the most reliable and economical vehicle that I have ever owned by a long shot. I bought it with 140k mile and owned it for 6 years and put on another 80k. The only repairs in that time was oxygen sensor ($75), front drive shafts due to boot failure ($350), Master Brake cylinder ($110) and general maintenance. Without a doubt, the most reliable, economical and well built cat that I have ever owned. When looking to replace it, I would only even consider a Legend and bought a 1991 L that I just love, though it is more complicated, but a far more refined vehicle than the last.

A+ rating for Acura Legend of any year. I am looking to get a 1995 LS for my wife because I just hate working on cars and can't afford to take them in to get fixed.

Bryan in Pacifica, Ca.