1990 Acura Legend LS from North America


Luxury, style, quality, what more could you want?


The only thing that has gone wrong is the lifters when it is cold. Until the car gets warm, the lifters make a ticking noise. I am in Minneapolis, so it is cold here, and it does get annoying.

General Comments:

This is a very powerful car.

The craftsmanship really shows in this car. There is no way you would ever find an American auto that has +140k miles on it, and have it be as sharp and quality as this.

I have the Coupe and the coolest feature is the back windows actually are operational. Very cool.

This car is money. From now on I will only buy Acura or Mercedes.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2002

18th Jul 2004, 21:38

For an engine that runs so smoothly when warm, it is very surprising how noisy it is on start-up. With age it seems more so. Use 5W50 synthetic oil, believe it makes a difference on engine life and wear, but it is very expensive.

1990 Acura Legend L 2.7 L from North America




Left rear brake caliper leaking slightly. Replaced myself.

Master cylinder spongy during summer. Replaced by dealer.

Side cover gaskets just started to seep.

Replaced myself.

Power antenna was not hooked up. Repaired myself.

Screw for ignition rotor fell out and car died by the side of the road. Repaired myself (5 minute job).

Daytime running lights sporadically flicker on and off. I cut the wire for the headlights at the module (behind rear seat) and installed a set of fog lights to come on instead (connected a relay to the left marker light). Now the headlights only come on with the switch, but all other lights are on (including fog lights) when car is running.

General Comments:

This car is LOADED. Heated cloth seats (don't like leather), sunroof, 4 doors (for the baby that is on it's way), STANDARD transmission (HATE automatics), engine is pretty easy to work on (Acura actually engineered this car to be easier to work on), anti-lock brakes, power windows/door locks, security system. EVERYTHING works on this 13 year old car!!

I am very picky about how my car drives and looks. In the past year that I have owned the car, it has only given me trouble the 1 time. When the screw fell out of the rotor. I suggest only using Acura original parts on the distributor as they include the rubber gasket for the distributor cap and putting blue loctite on the ignition rotor screw.

This car has been excellent and handles great with the 17" rims and 35 series performance summer tires I installed (P245-35 R17 Grand Spirit).

Unfortunately, there aren't as many performance parts right now for my car as I would like, but am still looking.

The original paint still looks great under the 12 coats of wax that I have added and with the chrome rims and tinted windows, it is quite the head turner. I never expected to like a 4 door luxury car like I like this car. The 10" sub that I added sounds great too!

If anyone knows of where to find performance parts for this car I would greatly appreciate it!!

Way to go Acura!!

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Review Date: 7th January, 2002

18th Jul 2004, 21:42

Original paint, isn't it amazing, my experience. Cloth versus leather. Have leather, requires extra maintenance, but the car smells "new", every time.

20th Jan 2005, 07:41

Hello, I'm replying to let you know of this site with great information on some after-market parts that you can add to your Acura. I too own a 1990 Acura Legend and I love it (only thing is that the new clutch that was installed was defective, so it's been in this lazy shop for over 4 months now).

Anyways, this site http://www.cyberauto.com/index.php/AcuraLegend.txt has a perfect list of after-market parts you can buy and install for your Acura.