1st Jul 2007, 10:33

Bought a '87 Legend coupe about 8 months ago. It has 200k miles and runs like a dream!!! Original plan was to drive it until I saved money for a new car (in grad school). Well my mind has changed, and I want to keep it forever. I love this little car; everything works great (replaced the clutch last week)!

Just one more thing: got the car from a 250 lb guy so I really need a front seat (leather).

Holla if you got one.

22nd Jul 2007, 06:44

We not only have one 1987 Legend we have two. We bought one that was just sitting on a lot going to waste to fix up for our daughter. Shortly after buying it we came across another one on a used car lot for Goodwill. We quickly bought it. We have managed to make one good car out of the two, but both have transmissions problems. Everyone in our family loves to drive it. It's definitely a good looking car and has a motor that will glue you to the seat for sure. Everyone we come across can't believe it's an 1987.

5th Dec 2007, 23:34

Old Acura cars are beauties. My old 87 Legend has 300k on it and up until now, nothing but the muffler and alternator have been replaced on it.

Transmission is slipping and the window motors are almost kaputt, but hey nothing should last forever.

A+ to its Honda engine, its taken many kms and quite a beating. 3 cheers for Japanese imports.

7th Mar 2008, 16:59

Well, my 87 Acura ran well for a couple of months, and then out of nowhere the engine went dead and ever since I've unsuccessfully tried many ways to get it started, but nothing seems to work.

Any possible solutions? Thanks.

24th May 2008, 17:21

You probably broke the timing belt. Serious damage may have occured. My '87 Legend has 198K miles and is still going strong. Two timing belts, one air conditioner service, and a steering rack is all I've had to do outside the normal stuff. A friend of mine had 397K miles on his when somebody t-boned him in an intersection and another friends had 469K on his when the transmission finally went out. These cars are very good.

2nd Aug 2008, 02:38

Oh man!

My 1990 Legend sedan is the smoothest car I've ever driven. My grandma fell asleep in it on a trip to the grocery store!

And as far as acceleration, it takes it a minute to get up to 40, but once there, it takes off.

I've overtaken many sports cars in it, and it's a really good looking ride.

I feel blessed to own it!

4th Sep 2009, 20:19

I just got a 1987 Acura Legend coupe given to me as a gift, but it needs a new battery, head gasket and brake work done.. does this sound like a costly repair?? Or fairly managable?

24th Sep 2009, 16:40

I just got an Legend 2 days ago, and I've drove it once. It rides good, but the fans won't turn on, so I put it in the shop, but other than that, it drives great. Did I tell you I only paid 800 dollars for it. I think it will be a great first car for me and anybody looking for a NICE SMOOTH RIDE!!!

16th Feb 2010, 20:21

We just inherited my mother-in-law's '87 Acura Legend with 67,000 original miles. The car was garage kept and cared for with kid gloves. Runs better than both our '99 Grand Prix and '97 Nissan Maxima. Beautiful as well as smooth.

6th Jun 2010, 01:32

My 87 Acura Legend may have a lot of dents and rust on it, and some repairs needed on it because the previous owner was an idiot and didn't know how to take care of it; he just let the poor thing just sit and start rusting away; man, that's just wrong. And ever since I got it, it has been loving life. :)

20th Aug 2010, 00:28

I absolutely love my 1987 Acura Legend. My Daddy had gave it to me for my 16th birthday, and I love my car, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I've recently had to put it in the shop to work on my transmission, but that was my fault. I was really hard on the car when I first got it, and most the parts for this car, you can find at pick a part :)

17th Jul 2013, 03:10

I bought an 87 Acura Legend V6 2.7 for 300 bucks off my girlfriend's mom. It's a manual tranny and runs phenomenal. The only problems I've found is rust. I have pictures, and plan on keeping this historic vehicle to tune up and modify. Can anyone suggest or recommend a solution for the rust?