30th Aug 2001, 16:04

I cannot believe the performance of my Acura Legend - after eleven years, the engine is amazing. Tuning it up (replacing the spark plug wires/distrib. cap etc) really makes a difference; cures starting hiccups/cruise control performance. Great car. You couldn't ask for more. Runs like a brand new car.

5th Sep 2001, 14:01

I bought an '88 coupe for 2200 bucks. It had 102k miles... so far, I've replaced brakes, muffler, radiator, soon to be transmission, and other exhaust problems. I like the car, but what else is scheduled to die on me?!

23rd Jan 2002, 04:03

Sounds to me, that the 88 you got was not taken care of. I have a 90 Coupe. Runs like a dream!

13th Mar 2003, 10:02

I bought my 88 legend coupe about six months ago. I was told the transmission was junk and replaced it. Now I'm on my way to a sweet street cruising machine and haven't been more pleased with my 1000 dollar, perfect running vehicle! More power to Legend power!!!

17th May 2003, 23:01

I have now bought my third Acura Legend. This one is an 88 coupe ls. I absolutely love these cars!!! Go Acura.

20th Oct 2003, 20:42

I got my Legend almost a year ago. The reason I chose this particular car is because I like its looks. It's an 88, comes with leather, sunroof, all power-also even the back windows roll down, and oh boy! is there some power under that hood-its automatic & still I could hear the tires chirp when the car shifted gears. I DROVE THIS CAR SO HARD I am now having problems with the transmission... I mean ITS STILL SMOOTH & GOT POWER that hasn't changed, reverse works... but drive stays on second gear. Any one that can recommend something PLEASE DO, a mechanic/procedure/upgrade... this car is not ready to quit!!! jay_f211@yahoo.com

1st Jan 2004, 23:44

I bought my legend about 6 months ago. I paid 1500 for it because it was an 88 and rolled, but it was the best deal I have ever had. The car is amazing and runs great. I love it, its got more technology from 88 then many of the cars today. The climate control and the heated mirrors are amazing. I haven't maxed it out yet, but I have gotten it to 130 mph.

26th Jan 2004, 07:55

I just bought an 88 Legend from a dealer for 1200. It has 108,000 miles and a little bit of body rust. I automatically fell in love with this car when I saw it, but I'm concerned with a noise in the transmission. When driving it 40 miles an hour on the road the transmission sound goes from high to low on it's own. I was told that this is a common thing with Honda's, some censor or something somewhere that needs to be replaced. Can anyone tell me if I should be concerned about the transmission because of this? ConcepcionS@aetna.com.

3rd Dec 2004, 09:16

In Dec of '03 I brought a '90 Legend coupe, 5 speed (156K miles) at a local auction, paid $600. It is the best car I've owned. I needed to replace a window and the exhaust system, exclude the Cat and a the ABS and Oxygen senors (and I think a water-pump). Replaced the leather seat cover and the left quarter panel (junkyard) and opted to get rid of the silver bottom, went all red. I lucked up and founded some rims at the a junkyard and tinted the windows, Sweet deal. So, I got about $2000 (and that because I had the O2 senors done at a dealership) in it. It get attention where I go. Not to mention it's a nice ride. Rolled to NC from DC pulled up on a Civic Nation (a posse of Honda's). An Accord tried to step up. Enough said.

22nd Oct 2010, 19:21

I've just brought an 89 Legend Coupe.. I love it.. runs like new, needs a good paint job, speed sensor, and cover for the left headlight... but for $900, can't beat that!! I can say I've truly been blessed!!!