23rd Nov 2004, 20:46

How about your anti-lock light? Amen to the wind noise.

Replaced the EGR Valve on my 88 coupe with a new factory unit and still get that un-burned gas smell.

Still love the car and how can you not?

5th Apr 2007, 22:34

I have an 89 Legend LS coupe... and am the 2nd owner. The previous owners (my neighbors) garaged and took very well care of the vehicle. They provided me with all the service records when I bought the vehicle from them.

When I purchased the Legend, it approx. had 130k miles on it.

I thought it would be a good car... I was partially wrong.

For the longest time my check engine light would come on while driving (usually at freeway speed). Diagnostics on it were going to run me about $70-$90. I refused to pay that amount, and continued to drive the car. Even though the check engine light would come on, which was extremely annoying, it drove fine. Maybe a year later I bought a service manual, which told you how to diagnos the problem... (lift up front passenger carpet and decode the blinking lights... the service manual explained how) It turned out to be the O2 sensor which easily replaced by my boyfriend.

THE ANNOYING WIND NOISE. I have the same problem with the noise on the driver side window, but not a huge problem.

Windsheild wiper controls are funny. They sometimes get stuck and need to be tampered with to work.

Rearview mirror mysteriously broke and is no longer adjustable. It is now held up by a rubberband and a shop towel so I can see out of the rear window, otherwise it would only allow me to view the rear seat. I haven't fixed it, but will be a cheap fix.

It has recently had problems starting (when it wants to). But when it does start, it runs brand new. My dad, boyfriend, and a friend think it's a problem with the charcoal canister, or at least that area. For some odd reason, removing the the gas cap helps my car to start. I just discovered this a couple of days ago.

I have had a raw smell of gas (unburned) coming through the vents of my car. I also notice it when I am outside of the vehicle.

I know the fuel injectors need to be replaced... but that's at least a $600 job.

My antennea broke. Actually, it was like that when I bought it. I can hear it trying to go up and down, but doesn't go anywhere, unless its done manually which is a pain.

My stereo decided not to turn off one day. Even with the car turned off and keys out of the ignition. This lasted for few days, and stopped by itself. So I would just take the deck off so it was not powered. It makes think there is a bad connection in the ignition.

Front Passenger window sticks. I need to press the button a few times to get to roll down.

I may be forgetting a few things, but if anyone is interested... it is for sale!! HAHAHA.

Over all it drives, and handles beautifully. I love the car and only wish it was new. HAHA.

17th Dec 2011, 06:04

I have been told these cars are just starting to become classic type vehicles.

These cars are the 55 Chevy of imports; classic styling, good performance, rare, short production run 5 years, 89 & 90 most desirable, good MPG,

will run forever, well worth repair or restoring. These will be highly sought after cars in next few years. I'm currently restoring an 89 coupe now. That's my two cents. Good Luck!