2002 Acura MDX touring navi 5.5 from North America


A best buy if you want comfort and a versatile vehicle, yet fits in the garage easily


Not assembled as well as expected.

Pulled to right and steering wheel cockeyed left.

Third row seats didn't fold flat.

Middle row seat rattled.

Door weather strip split.

Rattle in dash.

Headlights aimed too low.

Rattle in driver's door.

Brake pedal groans.

Seat memory not accurate.

More too...

General Comments:

Typical anemic Honda A/C - slow to cool, but eventually catches up.

Under powered on freeway, but fine around town. Downshifts on even slight freeway upgrades.

MPG not bad (14 local and 21 trips)

Comfort outstanding even though driver seat back too reclined in full up position.

In spite of problems above and poor dealer service, quite pleased with car.

Dealer service is poor with more than one visit usually required to fix anything, but they eventually get the job done and give free loaners.

Hope the MDX doesn't have the same transmission problem as the Odyssey.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2002

2002 Acura MDX from North America




MDX owners - check your bumper molding where the bumper molding meets the headlights. You will see a gap or poorly molded bumper.

Braking - from Park to Driving and braking for the first time. You will hear a clicking sound. Very annoying!

MDX - Over priced for below than average parts used in this vehicle. Very disappointed with Honda/Acura.

General Comments:

What do you expect - the MDX is built in North America (Alliston, Ontario Canada).

Dealers - Are Honda/Acura dealers getting too arrogant!!!

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Review Date: 6th September, 2002

18th Jul 2004, 12:16

That clicking noise can be fixed at your local dealership under warranty. They will replace the rear brake shims that compensate for extra space between the brake pad and where they sit in the caliper mounting bracket. ITS NOT A BIG PROBLEM!

21st Jul 2009, 13:58

I've had nothing but problems with the 2002 Acura MDX.

I had to get the transmission fixed (of course) warranty covered that, navigation system had to be rebooted also.

Here are the other things that were not covered: rearview mirror broke (plastic piece) ; the second row seat release broke; dash light assembly burned out on the center stack; the light in the middle row dropped out of the headliner; the battery cable burned out; the passenger A/C vent broke (wife fixed that) and to top all that off rodents like to eat the wiring. All of these bills were a minimum $300 dollars each.

I never heard of all these problems with Honda/Acura. I am very disappointed. We bought this vehicle with hopes of reliability and due to its high rating. SUV has only 68,000 miles. My friend bought one off warranty with 100k plus miles. His transmission cost over $4200. We don't even mention our money pits now... the subject is now taboo! I would never recommend this vehicle to an enemy, much less a friend.