2nd Apr 2005, 08:31

OK, nowhere in this review does he say, "acceleration problems." He said, "assembly problems." Are we blind here? Not paying attention? What? The NSX is quick no matter how you view it. And he is only suffering from build problems that plague most cars in their 1st to 2nd year production runs.

25th Nov 2005, 20:59

The review also states that it does "lack acceleration". But I do say that anything with a 0-60 time of under 7.0 sec is quick.

31st May 2006, 00:00

The NSX was never meant to be a "sprinter" car, granted it can do 0-60 in about 5.5 seconds which is sufficient enough to beat about 90% of cars on the road.

Keep in mind, this model you're talking about is rated as having 270hp (252hp in actual tests) and has roughly 210ft/lbs of torque due to the engine being over the drive wheels; a figure that's relative to a comparable FWD car. But it more than makes up for that with the 2900lb aluminum body.

This car was created to give dreamers a chance to actually own an exotic sports car without the hefty price tag; granted the NSX has been considered by many to be more of a domestic auto with an exotic shell.

If you're looking for an older NSX 3.0 with acceleration, supposedly, the '94 was the fastest 3.0 NSX made (this may be circumstantial however); keep in mind, all NSXs' made before '95 are devoid of power steering.

23rd Jun 2006, 12:46

The acceleration of the NSX is indeed tepid for a car in its class. Only owners with ego problems would dispute this fact, as it has been mentioned by every automotive journalist, performance enthusiast, auto industry wag, and most experienced NSX owners. There are of course some good ways to solve the problem without a significant loss of reliability and/or driveablilty of the vehicle. Chief among them is probably the combination of a Comptech supercharger and headers. Regardless, it's still a wonderful and balanced car, that was not meant for drag racing ;)

1st Nov 2006, 23:07

ANY car that only has room for two, costs more than 70 large, looks fast and claims to be exotic, should go like hell. Reliable or not.

6th Dec 2006, 13:01

I think that the comment regarding acceleration is relevant, not that it's slow, but with the amount of money this car costs, coupled with the fact that it's regarded as a "supercar" by many, one would expect it to have a little more power.

The '86 944 Turbo with the chips and suspension bits I have would probably easily hang, if not be passing, early NSXs on the track, and one could expect to pay $9-10k for a 951 as opposed to $40k+ for an used early NSX in the same condition (70k miles, shiny, no mechanical problems).

If I stuck the difference in my car it'd run around with new Ferraris, and probably turn just as many heads (if you're into the whole conspicuous consumption thing).

7th Jan 2008, 22:06

I would agree about American "Iron" being at a disadvantage.

The Z06, however, uses a light weight V8 AL engine weighing ~450#, which is equal too many I4's w Turbo weight. At 3100# total (NSX weight), 50/50 weight balance, double-wishbone SLA suspension, and 1.0 G cornering, the Z06 is a great NSX competitor in the corners.

The NSX is unique for its looks and exclusivity for sure. I'd suspect quality is marginally better on the NSX.

8th Jan 2008, 12:47

Compare this vehicle to the Viper not the Corvette on this pricing level.

22nd Feb 2008, 15:08

I agree that it should be compared to a Viper instead of Corvette, but Z06 is a different story, it's price is very similar to the NSX when it was still being made.

23rd Feb 2008, 11:34

The Vette handling is not on par with the Viper with its race inspired frame. The new Vette acceleration is quick however. The NSX had great mid engine balance. I have driven all 3. Comparing just on price is not the only issue.

26th Oct 2008, 16:15

People are forgetting that a 1991 Acura NSX is 18 years old! The 0-60 of a Corvette at the time couldn't hold pace, and the Acura's V6 had 30 more horsepower than the Corvette's V8. Let's compare apples to apples -- funnily enough, 91 Vettes have depreciated to four digits, while 91 NSXs are still $25,000 or more.

In 1991, 0-60 in 5.7 and the 1/4 in 14.0 was fast, fast, fast! In 2008, guess what? It's still fast... and as most NSX owners have pointed out (correctly), there's more to a car than just 0-60. A lot more. The NSX was world's first "everyday Supercar." Automakers the world over took notice, and have been playing catchup ever since.

For those of you who talk about modifying an old Porsche to be "faster," well, I could dump a 460 big block into a Ford Pinto, tub it out and have a car that runs 11's in the 1/4, but somehow... I'd rather spend the money on an NSX that does 14's. Call me crazy I guess...

20th Dec 2009, 01:19

Just bought my 91 NSX with only 24k miles on the clock!

Oh what a find. This older gentleman in this restaurant has an NSX. 6 months later I wound up buying it!!!

I have it now for only one week, not enough to give a true experience on the car, drove it only like 2 hours so far. Damn, it's a nice car to be seating in on, just the feeling I get driving this car is good enough to own one, I don't care about the 0-60, not too much about 1/4 mile time, it's a NSX!

I had a customized 87 Corvette, it's a totally different feeling inside the drivers seat of a NSX. I felt special when I was driving the NSX, I never had that in any Corvette, had 85, 87 convt, drove plenty of 97 to 05 vettes I did not own. I don't know of anyone else that owns NSX in person, exclusivity is awesome!

20th Dec 2009, 12:38

The Corvette C5 has far superior handling and acceleration. I have driven the NSX when new; underpowered but nice weight distribution in its era. The C4 vettes I would agree with the comments. The 2005 Vette would run you close to 10k more to buy used than a used NSX. If you are into performance and low production, a used Viper in the 30K range would give even more.

21st Dec 2009, 12:38

I wouldn't go as far as saying a Corvette handles better. I've seen 'Vette's trying to make it around hairpins and they usually just end up doing a glorious spin in a billowing cloud of smoke. Leave the big American V8's on the drag strip, it's the only place they can win.

21st Dec 2009, 16:50

You have not seen or driven the new Vettes - I would buy an Acura TL and have same as the NSX performance. It's out of date.

22nd Dec 2009, 07:46

12:38 if you upgrade to a Zanardi (only 50 made) you can get closer to the Vette. The Vette is 1.02g on the skidpad... 0-70 braking 147 feet. 0-60 in 4.1 seconds. There is a slight flutter at the drivers side hood by the windshield at 167 mph, and it's nice having the better steering in the Vette. Note not on public highways. I drove an NSX new at the time, not mine, but it handled well for its day... but it's 2010. I do not run mine on the dragstrip by the way.