21st Feb 2010, 06:38

It is true that since 1991 Corvette has come up... way up.

Ferrari has come up since 1991, but they still cost your first born for a service visit.

The 1991 NSX introduced VVT, space age frame/body engineering and a host of other state of the art items. It also came with the most reliable drive train ever in a sports car. Thank you NSX for slapping the others awake!!

How do you complain about a car that will provide 28+mpg, 100s of thousands of trouble free miles, 160+mph, great looks and comfort and so on. You want one, you buy one. If you don't, then don't. But this nonsense about my car can beat up your car, or his car can beat up your car is just childish.

It is clear many of you that trash them have never owned one or driven one. I own one and they are a fantastic piece of engineering.

I looked at Panoz, Corvette, Lotus, Maserati, Viper, Porsche and others before I decided on the NSX. They are all fantastic cars, but the NSX is just a bit more special in my opinion. I am very, very happy with my decision. I have looked at Ferrari and Lambos also, but I could not bring myself to accept the insane cost of maintaining one.

Lay your money down and drive. If you don't like it, then sell it and try another. Find the one that fits you but deal with the car for what it is, and quit wasting your time with the one up nonsense.

21st Feb 2010, 22:08

For 1991 you cannot complain about the 300 hp, but now you can, it's anemic compared to others. Even at 25k used you can spend 5-10k, a bit more for a low production older 500 hp Viper with a track inspired frame and exhilarating performance, handling and braking for example.

22nd Feb 2010, 11:02

"It is clear many of you that trash them have never owned one or driven one. I own one and they are a fantastic piece of engineering."

Well stated and I fully agree with you!

I remember when the Acura NSX first came out and the TV adverts would show a very red exotic sports car, being driven thru the streets of Rome and the Italian country side. Various people upon seeing it would immediately get excited, smile proudly and then in Italian refer to it, ".....FERRARI".

The commercial would conclude by showing a very young boy and his grandfather looking adoringly at the approaching bright red sports car and then the boy in accented english, would excitedly ask, "~Ferrari~ Papa?"

But 'Papa', upon seeing the badge, would say sadly and softly, "No.....~Acura~."


It was a brilliant advert! So very daring and progressive, but extremely effective, just like the NSX turned out being.

Audi has now copied that same advertising format for their R8, but whereas I think AWD sports cars are less 'sporting' and Audi is being less than original; the Acura NSX has now become a true, sports car icon.

The NSX body style changed very little over the years of its production, yet they still look stunning and are better than a lot of newer exotic sports cars. The hp is more than adequate to get to high speed in a hurry and the suspension can handle it.

Since they are relatively rare and inexpensive, exotic mid-engine sports cars, with aluminium chassis and racing motors, that were built with precision and aided in development by the late, great, Ayrton Senna; I definitely see the purchase of an Acura NSX as worthy of my consideration.


22nd Feb 2010, 17:41

16:15 Comparing a 91 Vette to a 91 NSX then as far as value? Or are you saying for the same price you could have bought a new NSX or a new Corvette ZR-1? Not a base Vette.

Since it's 2010, you can buy a new Accord or the used 91 NSX, so it's not such a big deal anyway.

I owned a new Acura TL, went through multiple transmissions. I guess for the same money I could have bought a used NSX and a used Civic vs. a new Acura.

I drove an NSX; it's not worth to me what you can buy used today. I wouldn't want to drive an aluminum body with horrendous repair costs as well.

The other comment on the 91 Corvette value... When the new LT1 anniversary car came out 2 years later with 300 HP, it affected the 91's. People owning the C4's lost value when the new LS1 was introduced. Some 97's had LT1's less value than same year LS1's.

I love the newer Vettes, and I went from my trouble prone TL to one. Prior to that I had a new Legend. It was far better, and no issues until I hit over 100,000 miles and had heater cores, failed A/C, sunroof broken, yet I still remained with Honda and bought my last disaster.

I then went from sports sedans to a 2 seater.

As far as the 28 mpg, I exceed that 30-32 mpg on long hefty commutes on my dash readout, have a bulletproof no issue drivetrain. It is very easy to put lots of miles on them very quickly.

The only big expense is tire replacements, which isn't a complaint actually. The C5 and up in 2010 have to be the biggest supercar value today, especially the Z06 and Gran Sports. Back in 91 Acura, but a lot happens in 9 years. If you pick up a used NSX for 25K today, it's not nearly that big of a deal for that money for a fun used car.

20th Oct 2010, 20:52

There's one major problem with all these comparisons between the Vette and NSX, whether it's a 1968 Vette or a 2010 Vette, put it next to a 1991 NSX, and 99 out of a 100 people with still stare in disbelief at the styling of the NSX. A Vette is a very fast and expensive car with the physical beauty of a AMC Gremlin.

13th Dec 2010, 07:28

Just bought a 92 NSX for the performance, for the ride, for the fun and the LOOKS! For pure performance bang for the buck, buy a C5 or C6 Vette. They are a driver's dream. Better quality then Viper. But, for looks, I'll pull up at a cruse night with the NSX and everyone will come look (dribble) at the NSX.

Comparing car for car, the C5's are really a new skin over a 1970's Porsche 928 design. That's not a negative as the 928, especially the S4 or the GT, is one of the best overall sports GT ever made. Alloy body, rear trans, alum block, Brembos, etc. Chip the 928 and you get similar performance to the Vette's, but it is dated and geared for the Autobahn.

The comments about the lack of NSX performance can be attributed to the very tall 1 gear. It feels slow as the power curve is in the higher RPMs. It is a dated V6, but it also weighs just over 2900lbs. You want super speed for drag, buy a el-cheapo Mustang and hang on a turbo or supercharger. You want best overall performance bang for the buck, buy a used C5 Corvette. If you want a little of everything but with drop dead looks, NSX is hard to beat, even after 20 years.