3rd Feb 2005, 17:31

If you all have transmission problems with your TL , take them to the dealerships right away. I have a 2000 Acura TL with 40,000 miles. I found out the transmission has a recall on it. I took it to the dealership and they installed an oil cooler in my transmission. They told me that there is a nation wide recall for all Acura TL models that have less than 100,000 miles. I advise all owners of this car from 2000 to 2003 models to take them to the delaerships. My friends 2001 Acura TL has 75,000 miles and his transmission was completely replaced. They told him the transmission was so badly damaged that it was dangerous to drive.

21st Apr 2005, 07:18

My 2000 Acura 3.2 is currently at the dealership getting its transmission replaced. Thankfully its covered by the extended warranty. I was told however, while it was being checked out, that if the problem that I was getting (high RPM, and shifting of gears not happening properly, etc) was not related to the transmission recall that they will not replace nor work on the transmission even if there is a recall. That was upsetting to hear. Thankfully it was the transmission and they will replace it.

15th Jun 2005, 08:18

I own a 2000 Acura 3.2TL with 63,000 miles. My car went in 06/14/2005 for a 3rd transmission. The 2nd transmission was installed on 07/2004 at 43,000 miles. Same problems as the original recall: 2nd gear problems. Maybe they should re-phrase that and say the entire transmission. I contacted Acura Corporation and all they want to do is give me some free accessories. I asked them if the free accessories would allow my transmission to last longer than 15,000 miles. They had no comment. Obviously they do not car that our lives are in jeopardy due to their poor quality control.

Anyway, the transmissions are junk, the oil kit is a cover up to their problems and they are not concerned about the drivers. They are only concerned that they are making their millions everyday. I agree there should be a lawsuit against them. If one is started, I would be glad to join. Here is my email address: db_1984@yahoo.com.

In conclusion, I will not buy another Acura or Honda. I failed to state in the above section, I also own a 2003 Honda Accord V6 that had a 2nd transmission installed. It is going into the shop next week for transmission problems. Current mileage on the Honda is 57,000.

29th Aug 2005, 15:28

I have driven an Acura TL for a while now and I find it to be one of the best caars for the price. It's fast and easy to control... and I have not had any problems with my jet and it's a 2000.

28th Oct 2005, 11:08

Same old problems! Same old car! I own a 2000 Acura 3.2TL. The transmission is shot. To replace it 3,000 dollars. Just so happen warranty for the transmission went out after 100,000 miles. Well, I was at 102,111 miles- darn just not close enough. No help, no sympathy, and had never been advised of a recall when my car was purchased at an Acura dealership.

It is too costly to fix, the car is paid for. What the heck anyone need some Acura parts. I'm spending that money for a downpayment on new car- that's worth the money. I really don't like Acura, go figure.

5th Jan 2006, 23:11

I have a 2000 Acura TL as well. I have never had a car company stand behind their cars like Acura. I have owned everything from Ford to VW. I didn't have any symptoms of tranny failure, but when I heard of the recall, I called my dealership and they made an appointment for my car immediately. My car got a new transmission, and the oil jet thing. Since then my car has had another transmission; still covered by warranty. Last week the tranny failed at 193,615 miles; Acura replaced it. I am a traveling salesman, and I have never had dealt with such a good car company. 3 transmissions and my car drives like it did when I purchased it new in 1999. I have never had any other problem with Acura or this car. Maybe you should try taking your car to a different dealership. I have never had a problem with my dealership. Cars are always going to break, no matter what kind of car you have.

3rd May 2006, 14:18

I have a 1992 Mazda MX-6 automatic which has done 176000 miles (original engine and gearbox) so I wonder if all these problems are due to poor maintenance at the dealers.

7th Aug 2006, 22:55

Best car I ever owned.. period.

Did encounter a transmission problem at 60k that was replaced at no cost. Impeccable drive for the $$$.

This review might be biased since I previously owned a '94 Chrysler intrepid with recurring A/C, sensor, integrity, etc... issues.

18th Oct 2006, 01:46

I just purchased a 2000 3.2TL at 78k. This is my first time buying a car, so I have no ideas what exactly are the transmission problems you guys are having.

One strange thing though: when I re-start the car within 1 hour of turning off the engine, the engine shakes, and goes away after a few minutes of drive. There's also a 2 second lag when shifting gears. But I haven't experienced something like downshift yet. Can anyone please summarize a list of symptoms that would qualifies as transmission problems?

I really like the car, and I spent a lot on doing the tune ups and replacing the brake system. Thanks a lot.

My email address is recall0911 (at) hotmail.com.

31st Oct 2006, 03:31

Surprise, surprise!! My replacement tranny just went out on me today. Got stuck in the middle of the road and am thankful I made it home in one piece. But here I go again for the third tranny. This is absolutely ridiculous. I have a 2002 TL-S and take care of it. I am over the 100K mark so I don't know what to do. I just had the replacement placed right before hittin 100K, and have driven back and forth to the service department complaining about the replacement, only to be told that something else would need to be replaced. I wish my fellow Acura owners would put their efforts into a class action suit that would protect us consumers from ill fate that may result from a non-functioning car. Imagine being on the highway with your little ones in the back and getting nailed from behind because your Acura decides to suddenly downshift to second gear and slow down abruptly. People have lost lives as a result of this problem and nothing has been done except a makeshift replacement transmission that experiences the same problems. I am utterly disgusted, and hope that nobody chooses to put their own selves or family at risk with the purchase of this vehicle.

9th Nov 2006, 23:39

I have a 2001 TL and I had to replace the transmission within a few months of buying it. It felt to me like the gears were slipping. I bought it in Oct. 2004 so I've had it 2 yrs now. I still say that something is wrong with it. When I start to slow down, it still feels like the gears slip. I've taken it back several times since the transmission was replaced and have been told each time that there was nothing wrong with the new one.