10th Nov 2006, 07:50

Honda must have some very fast tow truck drivers, I mean this because I have never seen a TL, Odyssey, or V6 Accord on the side of the road. I driven all over Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, and Ohio plus many other countless times in other states. I have seen plenty of Fords or GM cars broken down; even GM or Ford cars that have caught on fire and the freeway had to be closed down. Wouldn't you consider yourself lucky? I mean, your car did not catch on fire, did it?

16th Nov 2006, 13:40

I too love my 2000 Acura TL. However within the first 6 months of the purchase the 1st Transmission failed. One year later, the 2nd Transmission. ONe year later, the third. Yes, the dealership is very nice. They always give me a loaner car and wash the car after the transmissions are replaced. However, I am a single mom. I brought this car expecting normal problems. But not this. My mileage is over the warranty. Its Nov 2006 and well, the transmission is about to give out again.. I will have to take a loss and pray the car does not give out again with my 10 month old son in the back seat. I am taking a financial loss and buying a different kind for the safety of my infant son.

16th Nov 2006, 18:31

I just sold my 2002 TL Type-S for this very reason. I posted a review on here about my recent similiar decision. The only reason I sold it was about the transmission. I kept it immaculate and well cared for yet it failed me with very low mileage. I could not jeopardize the lives of my 2 young children as well. I loved the car, but traveled the interstate daily surrounded by large trucks. Every day was like it could happen again at any moment. I regret the tremendous financial loss, but do not for one moment regret my decision. I bought a brand new Chevrolet Trail Blazer with Onstar. Very nice looking I went with black again. I miss driving the Acura, but feel very safe now. I also had a Legend prior to that which was my best vehicle it never failed me. If you drive alone or have children the Onstar alone is worth every penny a cell phone is not the same. Good luck I know how you feel. I suspect Acura may contact me some day I was a great customer and always went to the dealer for any service too but this is a very dangerous manufacturer issue.

17th Nov 2006, 04:56

You are not lucky when the transmission blows. The transmissions fail without warning and you could be stranded in a very dangerous situation with a tractor trailer on you. And no speed or power to get you out of danger. If you were hit you could have a vehicle engulf in flames by a tractor trailer. How on earth minimizing this conversation about a Ford being worse is beyond me. I spent a lot for my Acura and it was a waste of money.

18th Nov 2006, 04:57

What you have heard and what you have owned and experienced is two different matters. I have personally owned this vehicle...mine was a 2002 TL Type-S. If it happened to you with your children with you I doubt you would maneuver any better with a blown transmission. It was the worse loss I have ever experienced. I got a third of what it cost new in under 50,000 miles. I am tired of living at dealerships and I have friends that have had problems with Lexus as well. My last luxury import.

25th Dec 2006, 16:56

I currently own a 2000 Acura TL with 65k+ miles. Now, I've never had problems with safety, but when I try to coast the car has an incredible amount of engine drag. I can be going down a hill and losing speed! This has been giving me < 17 mpg city. This is rediculous and I'm going to check it out at the dealer this week.

25th Dec 2006, 21:38

141,000 miles on my transmission. From the way I treat mine and maintain it; it will make it to 200,000 miles with no problems. I change the fluid every year or 30,000 miles. (I usually drive 30-35,000 miles a year. The transmission still drives like it did when it had 41,000 miles.

26th Dec 2006, 10:34

You would be doing a great service by having Acura tear down your transmission reverse engineer it and see how it outlasted most of the TLs. But it may not be a later model. M I had a new Chrysler once that actually was built, tracked down the line, went into the QC Dept in the alignment room. I had it ordered with A CDI form working with Chrysler. Probably still excellent today and not your average vehicle. Maybe you have an exceptional Acura. If so I would keep it.

26th Dec 2006, 17:54

I should do that. They need to find the ones that did not fail and find out why. I do know the changing of the fluid does help a lot to get those particles out that clog system.

14th Jan 2007, 09:02

Well folks... I am now part of this unfortunate group. I own a 2000 3.2 TL with 111,000 miles and up until now have never had a problem. I always have it serviced at my local Acura dealership, but yesterday my transmission went out. I am waitng for the dealership to call after they have looked at it.

12th Feb 2007, 15:21

Been reading the messages, glad I found this site...

Question: I could be wrong, but is the recall only for the 2000-2003 TLs? It just seems like I haven't seen anything about a 1999 one...

Feedback appreciated! Thanks!

15th Feb 2007, 10:08

The recall I received in the mail applied to Hondas and Acuras. Transmissions attached to 3.0L and 3.2L vehicles if I remember correctly. My 99 3.2 TL was named in the class action suit, but I had too many miles on the car to an eligible member of the suit (<100,000 miles on a 99). I don't have the papers any more, I should have kept them. My transmission is about to go. Want to get it fixed as I like my TL, but scary that replacement transmissions are also failing. My transmission shift very poorly in automatic mode... esp 1st - 2nd and 2nd - 3rd. RPM's increase for a second or two and then the tranny slams into the next gear. I have been driving using the paddle shifter for the last couple of weeks and try to control the shift point and throttle so the shift is not quite as violent. cheers, Claude Evering.

6th Mar 2007, 17:43

I have a 2000 3.2 TL with 83,000 miles on it and am in the process of having the transmission replaced by my local Acura Dealer. I first started noticing problems with the shift from first gear into second. The car would shudder for a few seconds, then go into second gear. I've had a "Check Engine" light and "Traction Control System" (TCS) light on for the last month. The trouble shooter code reader at the dealership read P0700 (for Automatic Transmission Control System) and P0740 (Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Malfunction). The P0740 probably is a reaction to the P0700 reading because it would only light the warning on my dash a couple of minutes after starting the car. If you are having similar problems, I strongly recommend taking your Acura in ASAP. I have also heard that Acura has extended the warranty mileage for 3.2 TL, model years 1999 to 2002 (and a few 2003) to 109,000 miles, but I can't confirm that. Better check with your dealer.