7th Apr 2006, 17:46

I am on my second Acura... still driving my TL type S and it is like new.

I am wondering if you are driving on extremely rough pothole laden roads to be experiencing these problems. The tires on this model are quite wide.

I agree with the comments on the beige interior. I paid a premium to get a black model with all black leather interior. I like the marbelized interior trim. I condition the seats every month, and wash it sometimes twice a week.

I live in Delaware and the dealership I take my car to is outstanding. My boss bought a new NSX sports car when they first came out and I eventually got a Legend (actually better than my TL as far as quality), but the TL has it beat as far as amenities and performance.

I hope you get your issues worked out, as this is a really nice car in my opinion.

5th May 2006, 11:58

I have owned Honda's for 15 years - used and new - and now have made my way to a new 05 TL w/navi (in WDP) and IMO, I think you are expecting WAY too much perfection for an imperfect world, my friend. Hell, even my previous NEW 04 Accord coupe had rattles - had to actually have the windshield reinstalled after 2 weeks of ownership. I didn't complain (but, to each his own). My friend has a new M3; does it have rattles and minor flaws? Yes, it does. Do I have a few rattles here and there in my TL; yes, I do. But, they are minor to me and are fixable. It sounds (IMO) as if your car may be flawed from factory; but don't try to make it as if EVERY TL is a piece of crap, although you are entitled (by all means) to your opinion. And this is just mine.

Why don't you try a Hyundai?? :-)

13th May 2006, 22:34

I agree that my '05 rattles way too much. Thankfully I work 1 mile from my dealer, so I drop it off once a month to get fixed. The have replaced window seals, put foam in the B panel on each side, replaced the sunroof visor/flap,... I also found that the visor mirror on the passenger side rattled.

I had a legend for 10 years and I don't recall it ever rattling. I would be more tolerant if it weren't rattling in my ear. If I can't mask it with the radio, it is too loud for me...

BTW - One of my wife's coworkers has an '04 and it rattles worse than mine.


23rd Jul 2006, 19:31

Does this vehicle have a sunroof??? I have been an Acura service manager for a few years & recently had a 2005 TL in the shop with a "rattling" noise.

After several test drives, the tech removed all interior trim, including the headliner. There were loose drain hole tubes that were rattling/vibrating against the "B" pillar as the vehicle was driven. Have an Acura tech check for this concern using this diagnostic method. I do not recall if after checking the computer database if there was a Technical Service Bulletin for this concern. If not, have your local Acura Service Dep't use this scenario to reach a proper and effective repair. (required installation of felt or foam insulation in the "B" pillar.)

13th Oct 2006, 09:12

I too purchased a 2005 TL after looking at all others in this class.. I too thought it was the hands down best buy in this class.. looked good, loaded with nice features, test drove well enough.. then after I bought it, reality set in... (I also bought a new 2005 MDX at the same time as well)...

The TL began to run rough shortly after the purchase... the engine, at start in the morning shook violently on cool days.. I was told by my dealer this was normal... then we could not get it to track straight... the tires were out of balance as well... after a few dealer run thru's, the tires were fixed and the car properly aligned... engine still ran rough all day though...

4 other trips to the dealer and many attempts at fixing it, still had same problem... car rides hard as well.. the loaners were all better running, but I could not get an exchange on the car...

We still have it and it really has been a frustrating experience... these are my 1st Acura's, I have owned them all, Infiniti, Jag, Benz, BMW, caddy... Acuras are about the most finicky car I have ever drove.. they do some nice things and then forget about the nose in front of their face,...

The steering wheel is too thick for long term comfort as well.. I have huge hands and you cannot find a comfortable hold in a relaxed position... takes bumps way too hard for the handling you get... poor balance there... needs to be softened up a bit...

The steering column also needs dampening... transmits every crack in the raod to your hands...

The engine has too much vibration at certain rpms... if they can refine the car a bit and stop trying to get skidpad ratings from Road and Track, they will have a pretty good car, especially for the price...

The dealerships are at a loss as the cars, they tell me, keep coming in for repairs... they have worked on mine and it still runs the same.. it is what it is... a great value that you have to live with after you buy it...

21st Nov 2007, 15:03

I also have an 05 TL.. dynamic.. no navi.. and I can't believe what I'm hearing. Mine is silky smooth.. I've never had a single issue.. in fact it's so smooth I'm regretting buying the extended warranty.. I think you all got lemons.. and should seek a replacement..

10th Feb 2008, 02:47

I just bought my used 2005 TL from Carmax. Couldn't be happier. I live in some of the worst climate conditions (Indiana) and have had no problems whatsoever. Wondering what you guys were doing to your cars to have these problems. The first guy seemed really particular about his car though... taking it in if the gas mileage was .000001 gallons off what was stated on the sticker. Great car, love it.

8th Apr 2008, 13:57

I have an 05 TL with Navi, and I feel your pain! 4 transmissions later, and the gear whine has turned into "a normal characteristic of the TL". That's what Acura Client Service is telling me since they can't fix the problem. I've also had all the other issues, rattles, leather problems, dash problems...

2nd Nov 2008, 20:01

The only issue that I've been experiencing with my 2005 TL is a slight but noticeable vibration at highway speeds and a rougher than expected ride. Is there a specific tire that works best with the car?

5th Nov 2008, 08:33

Some of these problems ARE annoying, but happen to almost every car!

I have an 2005 TL and for some reason I love it. I do have A LOT of rattles, especially from the speakers when the bass is on all the way. Why put a stock sub in the car if the car can't handle it, is my question for Honda. But if it's an '05 it is still under warranty unless you put way too many miles on it. So everything should be fixed by the dealer.

I've taken my car in about 10 times for rattles and they fix it every time, no problems for me and a loaner car every time.

Don't be too picky, most dealers services don't provide loaner cars unless it's luxury. Sounds to me someone is a little over concerned with their car. It's a car! Of course it's not perfect!!

The best thought... the mechanics on the car are great, better than any other car I've had. That's what Honda is known for, not for being a luxury car!