25th Dec 2008, 11:15

I agree. The service at an Acura dealership is shabby and insulting to the car owner. They make you feel like they are doing you a favor by servicing your car. I have even complained to Acura Corporate Headquarters. You should do the same.

31st Jan 2009, 00:24

2005 TL 6-spd, too many major issues - especially for a $35k vehicle with only 33k miles.


3rd Gear - would not shift into 3rd. After two attempts with Acura they replaced it - a service bulletin exits on this issue now.

Engine replacement - Spark plug #5 came apart, damaged the piston & valves - again a warranty repair, but what's going on? This is a Honda after all.

Lastly, brakes. The car chews through brake pads (no - don't think it's my driving), required rear calipers at 30k which seemed too early (non-warranty of course).

Acura dealer / service has been good to work with - never an issue standing behind the warranty.

I have lost confidence in Acura though - will not own this car as long as I had planned and unlikely passed the warranty period - repairs could be major and very costly.

28th Jun 2009, 18:06

I just stumbled upon this website trying to find an answer to my (current) Acura (TL 06 w/25K miles) problem. They never stop.

First I've learned that the Acura TL's made in the US are made poorly. The ones made abroad are solid. That's true. Check on the door where yours has been made.

When I close my door, it sounds like it's going to fall off. They couldn't fix that.. Besides that, they can't fix much.

They indirectly made a mess in my car. My radio problem is non-stop. There is a constant boom, boom, boom in the back and they said it's fixed but it's not.

And, as someone mentioned - they do act like they are doing you a favor fixing your car. I've had all the problems mentioned and more. This is the worst car I ever had. Guess being a female doesn't help either when you go for service. And rude too! Never again.

3rd May 2010, 10:20

Acura 2005 TL - 6speed - Road Noise - Vibration - Tire Cupping, etc. Suspension?

My Acura 2005 TL has about 65K miles on it. It's a 6 speed. The current Yokohama's have 8500 miles on them and they are cupping (again). This is my 4th set of tires on the vehicle. I've recently had a 3rd alignment on the car. Dealer told me to take the 60 pounds of golf clubs out of the trunk and I should expect better performance out of the tires. Not sure how this would affect the suspension on a 3200 pound car.

Has anyone else had these suspension issues with their 2005 TL. Is it fixable? It seems this is an absolute mystery to my Acura dealer.

Also, I drove back to the BJ's wholesale where I bought this round of tires. They said I need to have the struts replaced (cost $1,044.00). If I knew this would solve the problem, I would do it. But, at this point, just looking to dump the car at the closest used car lot and go with an American car.

Thanks for any (helpful) input.

2nd Nov 2010, 19:56

I own an Acura TL, 2005, and have been extremely disappointed with it. I've had to have struts replaced right off the lot (bought the car brand new), have had to replace the sensor, door handle, battery - luckily all of this was under warranty when it occurred. However, for the money I paid for this car, I would not have expected to be at the dealer so often for "fixes". I am now having a trunk leak problem and a grind/squeak in from the right rear (makes me think of old creaky joints) and the car is no longer under warranty. Am on my third set of tires, and the car only has 47,000 miles on it - why they're wearing is a mystery that no one can explain. I had an alignment done and was told that it was just a small adjustment, so that wasn't really the problem. Things that make you go hmmmmm. I won't be keeping this car for 14 years like I did with my Toyota!

2nd Feb 2013, 20:36

I was looking for a good used luxury sedan, and spent several months doing a lot of research. There are a lot of good cars out there that I was considering, but when I added up everything I was looking for (style, performance, luxury, quality, reliability and features), I kept coming back to the Acura TL.

I found a very clean 2005 with only 65k miles that I bought from a prior owner. He was the only owner of the vehicle, and had all the service records, which I verified through the dealership.

I love the car, but I must say that I do agree with others, in that I am not getting the ride quality that I expected. Now I know that I bought a used car, so a few rattles here and there do not bother me. However, the car just rides rough, I get a lot of vibration in the steering wheel, and I seem to feel every bump in the road. I will take it to the dealership to see if there is something to be done to fix the ride quality.

I want to like the car. I owned two other Acuras (an Integra and a Vigor) and a couple of Honda Accords, and I loved them all and never had a problem with ride quality. I'm just hoping that I can get a resolution to this, because it's a really nice car otherwise.