25th Jun 2006, 05:14

The transmissions are covered to 100,000 miles which is pretty great in my opinion. My domestic 2nd full size was guaranteed only to 36,000 miles/3 yrs. This is my 2nd Acura the first was a Legend. I would never complain about a vehicle over 100,000 miles as there are many maintenance items that need replaced. I follow the routine service schedules, Yes I have had a transmission replaced on my 2002 am now at 47,000 miles. The factory paid for the transmission no expense whatsoever out of my pocket. When my mileage gets higher I will trade it in for another TL.

5th Sep 2007, 15:03

Well, I bought mine used and the tranny went out. They fixed at ZERO cost and earned my repeat business. not to mention they gave me a brand new TL to drive while they fixed it again at ZERO cost. Then they followed with a letter to me saying that because their tranny has had problems they are extending the war to 100K miles and 7 years. While I know this car has a problem with the transmission I do not see any problems elsewhere. It is a great car and so far Acura has really treated me well.

4th Mar 2008, 13:13

I have always had Honda or Acura product ever since my first car.

86 Accord LXi total, 91 Prelude sold, 86 Legend gave it to brother in law, 91 Legend Coupe total by my sister in law. 01 TL still has it.

They were all great cars, no problems.

My 01 TL has had its tranny replaced in warranty at 69k miles. Now 82k miles and runs great.

5th Mar 2008, 20:50

514 We sold our TL Type S when it failed during a very bad interstate highway situation in the passing lane far from the shoulder. In my opinion warranty or not the danger of retaining this vehicle far surpassed its value. Appearance wise and low mileage it was mint otherwise. Yes it was fun to drive and nice amenities, but keep in mind the tran (s) (s) are unpredictable then add young children in the car it became a pretty clear choice for us. By the way check out the current domestic warranties on drivetrains. I feel better that my family is in a new domestic SUV. It could have been a very bad situation safety wise and we have no regrets whatsoever other than a significant financial loss with our Acura.