27th Jan 2007, 12:37

19:08...I owned a TL new and bought it more as a sports sedan not a luxury sedan. The RL or Lexus is probably what you are expecting soft ride. I really liked the handling, tighter suspension and performance of this model. Fast 0-60 acceleration with The VTEC. I had transmission issues bought new Gm... SS truck and SUV recently.

27th Jan 2007, 15:10

Yes, people who complain about cars such as the TL having "rough suspensions" do not know what they are buying. The TL, like a BMW, is designed more as a driver's car. I've had friends that thought BMWs were the worst-riding cars ever and insisted on buying Mercedes or Lexus. But they were the target market - they wanted comfort not handling.

Personally I want handling, although I don't know if I'd go to the extreme of a Lotus Elise/Exige as a daily driver.

28th Jan 2007, 10:13

To the poster who said "You should have noticed these problems within the first 5-minutes of the test-drive." I reply with this: I don't think you can find every "flaw" in a new car within the first 5-minutes. You start to notice things the more you drive the car. I started to notice things a few weeks after I had purchased the car. I did a lot of research before I purchased the car. Don't get me wrong--the Acura TL offers a good bang for the buck. However, all you need to do is go online to any acura message board and read for yourself; other TL owners complain of the same problems.

28th Jan 2007, 16:17

The blame belongs with the Acura salesman. When I bought mine I learned of the RL and the TL had a decent new car salesman. He actually sold my boss a new NSX in the past and knew cars. The NSX is a great car to drive and is very balanced. Anyway, this reviewer should have bought an RL sedan unless he couldn't afford to pay more and hoped he could get by with a TL. What cringes me is people that buy a car like this and do not utilize it as a sports sedan. It is very quick. This model should also be rear wheel drive in my opinion. I still am into performance, but now its domestics again.

28th Jan 2007, 19:27

Excuse me, but did you actually read what the original poster is complaining about? 99% of it would have been OBVIOUS on a test drive, from the "heavy feel" to the steering to the paint to passenger door and so on. After all, the Acura suddenly didn't become heavy or "lack in quality feel" after it left the lot.

Yes, many things pop up after you buy a car, but those things are NOT what the poster complained about.

6th Feb 2007, 12:37

I have owned 8 new cars / vans over the years, and I always thought that all new vehicles needed some period of time to get the "bugs" out necessitating many visits to the dealer in the first year. You know, the minor electrical problems, fit and finish etc. But now I realize I was wrong. The 2006 TL I purchased new over a year ago is perfect. I can't believe I can just drive a new car off the lot, and simply never have a need to go back beyond the scheduled maintenance! The quality of the car is beyond anything I have ever owned, including Nissan products. Keep it up Acura.

10th Jul 2007, 21:35

The TL is more of a near-luxury sports sedan. The suspension and steering are tuned more towards performance, which costs you in comfort.

You probably would've been happier with a Lexus (except the IS series) or a Mercedes-Benz (except AMG and Brabus models) if actual luxury was what you were after.

11th Jul 2007, 15:55

So a TL is not a luxury vehicle, but a souped up Camry is? (ES350?) I don't think so.

12th Jul 2007, 13:18

The RL is luxury the TL a sports sedan... Camry isn't either at any rate.

30th Jan 2008, 21:39

Daughter has a new 2008 TL and the tire pressure monitoring system just came up with "ERROR".

Minnesota car -35 temps high today was -7 at noon, maybe TL is a California car, warm weather. Minnesota is hell on earth even to a Honda product.