2004 Acura TSX non-navi from North America


Awesome, reliable and fun car!


Radio head unit replaced under warranty.

Power steering hose replaced under warranty.

Driver's door actuator replaced at 128,000, $135 total.

General Comments:

My 2004 TSX with manual transmission has been a wonderful car since I bought it new over 10 years ago.

Smooth shifting transmission, comfortable ride, lots of power considering it's only 4 cylinders and not a turbo.

Great gas mileage, 27-28 MPG on a combination of highway/city driving.

Haven't had any A/C issues, still blows very cold and cools the car down very quickly.

Have only replaced the rear brakes, still running with the original front brakes.

This is my 3rd Acura, after a 1987 Integra LS and 1996 Integra GSR, which were also awesome cars. My son still has the '96 GSR, with 208,000 miles and running strong. I am getting ready to get a new TLX when it comes out in a month or two.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2014

2004 Acura TSX from North America


Doesn't hold Acura's trouble free reputation, but I still love it


Everything I have replaced over the 14,000 km that I have owned the car:

Front brake pads.

Passenger side ball joint.

Both drive shafts.

Front control arm bushings.

Rear stabilizer bar bushings.

Clutch and flywheel.

A/C is leaking and needs to be recharged every month

The car burns over 1L of oil every 1000 km.

Brakes have a slight shimmy.

There's condensation in the driver's side headlight.

General Comments:

This car is really a European Honda Accord, and for that reason I thought it would be much more reliable

All the parts I have replaced are typical wear items for a car with this mileage.

But the oil burning is inexcusable and a common problem in TSXs (this is the 2nd engine on the car). The brake shimmy, the condensation in the headlights and the A/C issues are also common problem in TSXs.

Don't get me wrong, this is a great car. It looks great inside and out, the gearbox is wonderful (shifts great) and the car is a joy to drive with its precise handling. It handles really good for a FWD. But all the power comes with VTEC at 6000 RPM, which is too late in my opinion.

They should have put the V6 from the Accord in this car; it has more power and is more reliable

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Review Date: 11th November, 2013

12th Nov 2013, 12:29

It would be more reliable - if you didn't buy something with 250,000 km or the equivalent of 22 years of driving at an average 20,000/year, packed into a 9-year old car.

What's with these people who buy cars with intergalactic mileage and complain about reliability?

As for the V6 engine - it's irrelevant to Europe. They're road taxed and insurance-penalised there for having large engines and emissions in grams/kilometre.

5th Jan 2014, 23:27

I said that everything I replaced was a typical wear item for the car, especially with that mileage. The only thing that was inexcusable was the oil burning, and the car is on its second engine with 120,000km. Now I have put Lucas oil stabilizer in, and it burns a litre of oil every 3000km.

2004 Acura TSX 5 from North America


Best car I ever had!


Replaced the alternator, starter and thermostat within months of each other in 2009.

Replaced steering hose 2010.

Radio went out May 2011.

Replaced tires every year $500 to $800 a set!

Replaced the lock actuator on driver door 2008, and a week later the passenger door actuator went out. Have not replaced this $280 part yet.

General Comments:

I have loved the car for the past 7 years. Maintenance is high. I have spent over $3,000 in the past 2 years, replacing parts due to high mileage.

I love the performance! Guess I can't complain too much for having to make several repairs due to the high mileage of 179,110 miles!

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Review Date: 18th May, 2011

2004 Acura TSX from North America


I hope Acura does right and values their loyal customers


I have a 2004 Acura TSX, and last year I paid over 1100.00 for the power steering pump, hose, rack and pinon.

I then get a recall notice on the power steering hose!!! So now I'm trying to recover the cost of that from Acura.

I faxed them a copy of my receipt, and their representative, who is extremely rude, has the nerve to tell me that the receipt could be altered or doctored, and wants to see the canceled check.

So that was like waiting for the act of congress, but I got it, and faxed that, and haven't heard a peep, and no return calls.

My passenger front door won't lock with the keyless entry, and I refuse to pay the 400.00 they're asking.

Now my A/C compressor went out and I live in Arizona!!! I do some research on the Internet, and learn that there has been a huge issue with 2004 to 2006 A/C units. Don't know why there wasn't a recall, but Acura is telling me it could be a 4000.00 fix!

I'm taking it in the morning along with copies of my Internet finds, and will request Acura cover the entire cost. If not, I fully intend on seeking a lawyer to take this further. Stay tuned...

General Comments:

Like many others, I was under the impression that this was a good and reliable car.

I keep up general maintenance, and would never have expected the A/C, power steering, and door locks to go out with less than 70k miles.

At one time it was a comfortable car, and I felt safe driving it; now I won't even let my adult daughters take it up the street!

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Review Date: 7th July, 2010

7th Jul 2010, 15:43

I wish you the best of luck in solving your car problems at minimal cost.

I happened to read your post as I am considering the purchase of a new or newer Acura to replace or supplement my late 1990's Acura EL (a Canadian-market only sport-luxury Civic).

However, your review and others have given me pause. Whereas my EL has provided over a decade of absolutely trouble free service, I am disheartened by the apparent decline in Acura's reliability (not to mention that of parent Honda and Toyota) based on these reviews. I'm sure they still produce a good product, but they do not seem to have the same quality as before.

23rd Nov 2010, 14:09

If I were you, I would go to the top of Honda... the president of Honda North America, and don't give up! Good luck!

13th Feb 2011, 04:58

Wow I am in the first comment's shoes... I have a 98 EL for the past 2.5 yrs, and I am happy with my car, but was looking to upgrade to something newer, and reading about the TSX has got me nervous.

The 2.4 TSX looks great... but looking into the gas mileage and figuring out that it doesn't compare to my 1.6 EL, mainly because of the 1,000 lbs. weight difference and 75 hp gain.

You think with the sixth gear that it would improve fuel mileage on the highway, but fueleconomy.gov only has it at 27 vs. the EL at 32.

I think I'll wait till the 2012 Civic.