1994 Acura Vigor GL 5 cylinder from North America


I love this car!


Ignition switch (electrical) replaced at 96K.

Distributor 'O' rings minor leak, replaced at 105K.

Driver's and passenger's windows went up too high and needed re-adjustment.

General Comments:

A fast, well built five cylinder car, which combines sporty feel with luxury that I wish would last forever. Acceleration throws you back in your seat. First time drivers usually burn rubber.

Although it calls for 'premium', I have been using regular gas for 8 years with no problem except a slight drop in performance. The auto-timing feature adjusts to the lower octane. Engine starts and feels like new after 13 years. Oil is still clean between changes, with no noticeable oil consumption.

High quality materials, thick doors, superb fit and finish, and exotic real woods give feel of luxury and strength. The car has a sturdy, sure and stable wide-track handling feel.

The front seats are a bit low to ground, and would have benefited from a height adjustment feature. Lumbar pump support helps on long trips. Older people find exit a little difficult. Back seat is fine for adult short hauls, is better for kid-sized people. I always took it for a two-seater with rear grocery room.

Surprisingly good on gas, around 32 hwy, less in the city depending on how smart you drive.

Awesome Alpine factory sound system with suspended center roof console mid-range speakers, and tweeters in dash corners. Bass notes are full and deep even still with original speakers. Radio has great long-range pulling power. CD player is a little fussy lately, but probably needs a cleaning after 13 years. Factory CD plays most burned disc formats.

Cool styling; still turns heads!

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Review Date: 29th September, 2007

1994 Acura Vigor GS 2.5 inline 5 cylinder from North America


Don't care about the problems as the car is still the best car I've ever owned for looks, fun factor


Well. Not to shock anyone, but here's what I've replaced since I have owned the car, but I love this car that much.

Front wheel bearings - $400 installed.

Resonator or first muffler - $300 installed.

Front left/right rear ABS sensors - $600 installed.

Rotors and pads all around - $400.

Drivers seat heater - 460 installed.

Lower left control arm - $200.

Gas mileage is not that great compared to my 1994 Volvo 850 wagon. I'm not lead footed and I've driven two full tanks at posted speeds, and the same rather sportingly, and there is no change which I find peculiar.


450-455 max for the Vigor on premium fuel only. 17.2 USG. or 65 liters. Around $60 to fill.

Weight 3274 lbs - 1485kg.

Horse Power - 176 hp at 6300 RPM, 170 lbs-ft at 3900 RPM.

Listed Mileage 20c/26h for the automatic.

VOLVO 850 (1994)

700+ with a 73 liters fill for the Brick at around the same price to fill with regular fuel. Bigger car. Don't ask me how this works because I haven't figured it out :-/

Weight 4340 lbs - 1969 kg.

Horse Power - 168 hp at 6200 RPM, 162.3 ft. lbs. at 4700 RPM.

Mileage - Real world test by me - 697km, and the display said that I still had 20 km before empty.


My only real down side is that my air not longer works, as the A/C clutch bearing went, causing a horrible squeal, which required me to remove the new belt I just bought from the new tension pulley I just bought. Again. Bummer.

The mode control motor for air flow direction in the dash does not work and with an $1105 + tax labour, 2 day estimated repair time, 12-13 hours according to the dealer service manual and full removal of the dash. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, OOOOOWWWWW! >:-() OK, I'm done.

Currently front left ABS sensor, again??? Gonna have to check some forums to see if this happens to others.

General Comments:

Things I made right:

After market TSW wheels, Nankang tyres, Viper alarm with all sensors (doors, hood, trunk, glass), and an auto start. As well, a Pioneer AVIC-N1 Navigation with hands free and reverse camera.

Total with professional installation was $4100, but it all looks fantastic, both the car and system, sounds and drives fantastic. Again, both the car and system.

The seats in this car are comfortable, but as all of the reviews state "Back seat, uuuummmmmm, snug for the long trips, but the leather is still sweet".

The car handles very well and with the 17" TSW wheels, and with the Nankang tyres on, the car is great in the wet weather. And very fun when dry.

While driving in wet weather, I've had to avoid the odd person pulling the old "sorry, I signaled left, but I'm really going right, right - wait for it - Now". Nothing like a panic stop to get the blood flowing fast.

Speaking of fast flowing blood, I've had the car to some great speeds on the open highway, and can say with great respect that this car is by far the best handling, braking, and maneuvering machine that I've owned, and it looks as good or better than a lot of the cars currently on the road.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2007