1994 Acura Vigor LX 2.5 from North America




Before I bought my Acura Vigor, the engine was totaled from the previous owner hitting a deer. He still had the warranty on it so he had it completely fixed.

Now in 2006, I am replacing a lot of the parts again.

My transmission is being replaced.

All axles are being replaced.

Most of the engine is being replaced.

When it is done I want it painted.

General Comments:

My Acura Vigor is the only one around, that I have seen for 4 years now. My friends love my car and so do I. It is extremely fast and I wouldn't trade it for anything. That is why I am putting so much money into it.

There are a few minor problems, like the brake light sensor will come on for no reason.

The driver's seat is a little uncomfortable.

The seats are starting to wear, but you will have that with any car.

All in all there is no better luxury car that I would rather have than my sporty, fast, Vigor.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2006

1994 Acura Vigor GS 2.5L, inline 5 cylinder from North America


Approaching 200,000 miles and you'd never know it


CD player recently quit working.

Front motor/engine mount went bad.

Replaced brake parts.

Primarily basic maintenance items.

Not much at all.

General Comments:

The power in this car is exceptional and it rides just as well.

Even after 10 years, it's still a head-turner.

The seats are not as comfortable as I would like (compared to my wife's TL).

My overall negatives are also about a lack of backseat leg room (no problem with me) and a lack of a cup-holder . Every positive more than compensates for those issues.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2004

1994 Acura Vigor GS from North America


Vintage luxury fit for even today's connoisseur


Hole in exhaust pipe ($75.00)

Automatic antenna is stuck (haven't fixed yet)

Alarm would go off when unlocking door (said to be common on the Vigor, repair was covered by dealer I purchased from)

General Comments:

I picked up my Vigor when I graduated college and will never get rid of it. I have had no major problems with it. Although I find the 5 cylinder engine to be agile and swift enough, it isn't a super powerhouse of speed. I love the low slung lines of the Vigor. It is a sporty sedan that is fun to drive even today, ten years after it was manufactured. I have had people with cars that I consider much nicer gawk at my Vigor. One gentleman had a 2003 Lexus LS and he couldn't stop raving about my "really cool" Vigor. I sense that the brakes are coming due for some repair soon, but other than this I have had NO major problems with the car. It doesn't even leak a drop of oil. I have considered trading it in for a new Mercedes, but every time I think about it I can't imagine parting with my Vigor. If you can find one in good condition, you can't go wrong with this car. In 1994 it stickered for almost $30,000! It was one of THE luxury cars of the time.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2004

1994 Acura Vigor GS 16v 5 Cylinder from North America


Performance, style and comfort at a very reasonable price


The ignition wiring harness shorted at about 140,000 kilometers. Warning - It is not necessary to change the whole harness, but just the relay.

Both the front wheel bearings wore down within 5000 kilometers of each other at about 150,000 kilometers.

Radiator cover developed a small crack? Metal or copper would have been a more appropriate manufacturing material than plastic or composite.

General Comments:

A classy looking and beautifully designed car, a pleasure to drive.

The sleek body style gives the appearance of the car being bigger than it is.

Smooth and sexy and fits like a glove (I am over 6 foot) Admittedly it has very little rear passenger room.

A drivers car, this car is quick and responsive and it holds the road like German made luxury cars well beyond it's price.

I would like to own more than one, but they are hard to find.

There are not many for sale, does that tell you something?

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Review Date: 20th April, 2003

26th Oct 2011, 14:06

I agree about the wire harness problem, but really wish I would have known sooner!!! Attention all Acura Vigor owners, please please please check them often!!! My fiance went to start our car yesterday, and when I went to leave for work, the front under the hood was engulfed in flames... We are now in the process of junking it after both crying a lot, as it was an amazing car that we both loved very much!!!