2nd Aug 2006, 21:32

I now have 185,000 K. on my Vig. I've added a Secret Weapon R intake, Magnecore race wires, 17 inch rims with Kumho Ecsta profile tires and a Ractive high performance exhaust. This is a new car and the increase in performance and handling is unbelievable.


28th Dec 2006, 15:30

I also own a 1993 Vigor GS and purchased the car with 40,000 miles. It will turn over 200,000 miles in January 2007. Just had all the belts replaced and new radiator installed. Had the distributor seal replaced as it was leaking oil, but I still notice some oil drips on the garage floor and can't quite make out where it is coming from. Love the car's performance and speaker system. There are some rust spots in the back of the trunk, by the gas cap and rear wheel wells, but no rust at all forward of the quarter panel. Intend to keep this car a while longer. Jim.

29th Dec 2006, 22:51

I have oil drips with my 1994 Accord with 246,000 miles. I found out that my mechanic never replaced the cam shaft seal when he did the timing belt and it leaks a few drops out when the car is shut off.

14th Jan 2007, 18:28

Has the secret weapon r helped? I am also thinking of getting one, but people are saying no intake for the vigor will improve anything.

2nd Nov 2007, 10:12

A big YES... the secret weapon R cold air intake works very nicely. I've noticed a power increase and somewhat improved gas mileage. It also looks nice and sounds nice as well. I am thinking however that to make the difference in power you have to get the entire package: the intake and the performance exhaust. I put on a larger pipe (2 1/2 inches) from the manifold back. The amount of air that gets in and then gets out makes the difference.