1993 Acura Vigor GS 2.5L from North America


Great performance for the money. Great on gas


I have a 1993 Vigor and love it. My major problem with the car came when the oil seal on the secondary transmission shaft failed for the second time. First at 30,000, then at 60,000. At that point I had the dealer replace the transmission at not cost to me. I was told the secondary shaft must have been warped.

I now have over 100,000 miles with only small oil leak coming from behind distributor, oil coming from a poor transmission service by the dealer

Missing engine mount bolt.

At 90,000 had all belts changed and engine decarbonized by dealer $1,000.

Changed distributor and rotor today as regular maintenance.

My next problems will be trying to come up with $50,000 dollars to replace a $30,000 dollar car that drives and performs like a $50,000 or $60,000 dollar car.

Strongly recommend the Firestone Firehawk SH30 tires. I would rate these tires as the best touring tire ever made. Makes the Vigor glide to your destination and ride like a dream.

General Comments:

Fantastic car. Would not be able to replace it for anything less than $50,000 today.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2002

24th Nov 2002, 21:53

It was great to read your comments! I also have a '93 Vig GS with the standard transmission and I love it. I have about 70,000 miles on mine and nothing has gone seriously wrong with it. I make certain that I do the maintenance regularly and treat the little beast like a baby (well, once in a while I might blow out the carbon!). I bought a set of premium Toyo touring tires and really like these. I've ordered a performance muffler for it as it is time to replace the original. I am also looking at installing a cold-air intake system as well. The car looks and acts like new and I certainly do agree with you that it would be very difficult to replace this classic for under $50k.

Thanks again. Jim.

1993 Acura Vigor GS 2.5Liter 5 Cylinder from North America


A must have for speed demons


The odometer stopped because of a loose connection. The leather seats show some cracking. There is a computer chip that prevents high speeds. The back seats don't have a lot of legroom.

General Comments:

Fast enough to race with just stock. It has a good suspension and handles like a dream.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2002

17th Aug 2004, 02:54

Hey, I have a 1992 Acura vigor LS and would like to know if you have found any upgrades for your car I could use on mine to make it faster. Eddie.

1993 Acura Vigor GS 2.5 from North America


Acura quality prevails


The car had many problems (routine maintenance items) that allowed me to talk the previous owner down more than 1K. Always have a mechanic inspect a car this old with these many miles, he could be your best bargaining tool.

The most serious problems were the amount of oil leaks this car had, almost every rubber O ring seal had to be replaced! (to be expected at 145K I'm told) Finding each leak was the biggest challenge, we had to power wash the entire underside of the engine compartment before we could identify all the leaks. Now that we have all the leaks fixed the car is dry as a bone.

The next problem (an item I will never pay to fix) is the dreaded blower motor fan. A pain to get to and extremely expensive to repair! I've only had problems with the blower motor in extremely cold temperatures when the car has sat in an open parking lot for an extended period. I've been told it's the wiring to the motor. I bought the car in a tepid climate so it's possible the previous owner had no idea. Had I known I probably would have passed on the car.

General Comments:

I've always been impressed with the quality of Acura/Honda cars. They continue to drive and feel the same as the day you buy them. Have owned 2 Integra's so have some good history to go on.

Car seems fast for a 5cyl. engine.

Ready for another 150K.

Don't care for the interior wood trim panels.

It feels solid and well built, no squeaks or rattles.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2002