24th Nov 2007, 17:53

Please can someone offer advice:

I bought my Alfa 147 2.0l selespeed almost 2 months ago from a car supermarket who offered a 3 month/3,000 mile warranty.

A week last Thursday when I was braking as I came up to a roundabout in traffic the car stalled and beeped with the dashboard highlighting "Selespeed System Failure". I rang the garage who told me not to drive it and they recovered it. By the Friday evening I had the car back and was told the speed sensor had failed and they had replaced it.

This Friday when driving up to the same roundabout the same problem occurred! My car is back at the garage as I type and I'm driving round in a 1.0l Corsa! Please can someone suggest some help on what I should ask for/demand of the garage before my warranty expires in just over a month and I'm left with the problem.

I love my car, but I wish I'd read this board before buying the selespeed version. Please tell me the problem is repairable!

Thank you.

13th Feb 2015, 11:44

Hi, I totally agree with you... I bought my Alfa 147 Selespeed about a year ago, and the Selespeed warning light has come on a lot (but it only stalled once because I was always on a freeway).

Since then I became worried as I knew that as soon as the warning light came on, it would stall if I was at a set of lights or just idling, so I frantically put the car in neutral - hoping that it would go away while staying on the left hand side. Stalling in an Alfa is not safe as the brakes lock up (in stall mode), and it pulls to one side. Hence staying in the slow lane. My mechanic said it might be the actuator, yes $1300.00 later.

Since then I've been getting a beeping sound with the same warning, however the beeping sound automatically comes on as soon as I start the car, after putting in it drive. It will come on every 5 seconds in neutral and every 7 seconds if driving it. So I took it to my mechanics and he said it needs a new ball - the price is $700, as there is no pressure going to the pump, but if I keep driving it the pump will go and that will be another expense of 1300.00.

So now my Alfa is in my driveway. This car has been sporty and fast, but so unreliable... Looking to sell ASAP.

Last words... I will never buy a Selespeed again!! :)