1997 Alfa Romeo 155 Twin Spark 1.6 16valves from Greece


Cam variate changed at 80000 Km. it needs warm up always before go. so you never have problem in future again with it. engine is very fast for 1.6cc.120 hp for 1270 Kg.it`s not fire on road, but after 4000rpm the car flying. the second car will be the same like this.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2003

1997 Alfa Romeo 155 Twin spark 1.6 from Poland


Alfa bargain!


Few little electrical problems.

Two new tyres on the front (previous owner likes to do wheel spins).

New pads on the back. Need to get new disks and pads on the front.

This car had heavy rear damage that had been repaired before I bought it, but dispite that it had been reliable.

General Comments:

Handles like a dream.

The suspension can be a little hard for the bad Polish roads. It hates dirt tracks so if you use them often buy a 4X4.

The seats are great. All the switches are within easy reach. No complaints about the interior. Tons of space and that is with a push chair baby seat and my wife's shopping.

Servicing is no more expensive than most other cars.

If you are not sure take a test drive you will be hooked.

Warning the red cars go pink after a few years.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2002

1997 Alfa Romeo 155 TS 16V 1.8 TwinSpark from Hungary


The ultimate driving machine


Automatic climate control doesn't really work -- the problem is that my outer temperature meter doesn't work. It still works manually, and I'll fix it soon anyway. Will cost about $5, only if I would have the time...

At around 90000, the heating went out - turned to be problems around the fuses.

At 94000, the fuel pump got "ill" (not stopped, but started to kill the fuse every average 50 kms.)

Once the auto mafia tried to steal it, broken both side locks, but haven't got in.

I actually had fewer problems with the Alfa than my Golf III!

General Comments:

Really the best general-purpose car I can imagine. I actually could not imagine it before I had one.

First, there is a PLENTY of room. Both for the passengers and for the luggage. Several times I went to Vienna with three friends, stuff for a week for everybody, and we never had space problems.

Comfortable for long journeys (>300 km), even for five people.

The seats are a dream. My back pain that I had with all the previous cars is completely gone since I drive the Alfa (I drive about 100kms a day (about 2 hours), so comfort in the car is priority).

Every control is within reach. At first, it may seem that the radio is a bit hard to reach since it is low, behind the transmission, but on the first night drive you realize that this way the radio's lights are completely out of your vision. if you look at the road, so it doesn't disturb your eye. The pedals are also very comfy.

This car is RESPONSIVE. The power steering is great -- the complete turn-around of the wheel is only 2.1 turns (in all 155 models since 1995). This allows you to make fast direction changes.

Really, very good acceleration. If you push the pedal, it gets going. No other car with a 1.8 engine or less can race with it. Not even all 2.0's. Even in 5th gear. For example, from 160 km/h to 170 km/h it takes approx. 3 - 3.5 seconds.

Road stability is great. Very few other cars can match it. I can maintain the same speed in curves as my boss with his BMW.

The car's turn-around circle is a bit big. But after all, it's a big car.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2001

1997 Alfa Romeo 155 1.8 twin spark 16v from UK and Ireland


It rattles and parts are not cheap, but it goes like Thrust SSC and handles like a rabbit on velcro!


CAM Variator. This is what causes the rattle at start-up and low revs. £400 to fix. Happens on all 155 twin sparks. Does not harm the engine, just annoying when people think you have a diesel.

Rear door solenoid broken. Have not fixed it yet.

Blown rear exhaust box. Lovely sound though!

Handbrake cable froze in the winter, locking the rear wheels. This is due to a U bend in the cable holder near the rear discs. A friend had the same problem.

Light behind the interior clock.

Wiring loom to tail lights. This twists every time you open the boot. Eventually the wire to the fog light broke.

General Comments:

An fantastic car with blistering performance and handling at a cheap price.

Have to rev it high to get the best results, but the result is amazing.

As an Alfa you get little annoying niggles such as rattles in the interior and electrics that don't always behave the way they are supposed to.

The wipers occasionally stick and judder, and only have one speed. This is also common to all 155's.

I would recommend buying one. Fast, handles like it's stuck to the road, amazing steering rack, close pedals, all round discs and anti-lock brakes means you can stop on a coin.

As Alfa said in the brochures "Alfa 155, the pleasure of driving".

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Review Date: 4th September, 2001

26th Jun 2008, 17:32

Hi can you help just wanted to know if the CAM Variator is the same part as the camshaft variator because I have an alfa 155 1.8TS 16v 97-P plate and after reading the reviews this seems to be common failure part? Thanks.

10th Sep 2015, 05:22

Ah yessssss.