1997 Alfa Romeo 155 TS 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Italy's best kept secret - don't tell the Escort boys!


Cam variator - replaced under warranty by the dealer.

Exhaust after 3 years - pricey!

General Comments:

Great to drive.

Everyone looks as it's an uncommon sight, and it looks fantastic. Better looking than almost anything else on the road.

Handling is superb - you can really feel what it's doing!

I'd have another without question!

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Review Date: 12th December, 2000

4th Sep 2004, 04:50

Everyone looks because it's the most hideous lump of metal ever to have been seen on planet earth. I can't believe how anyone finds this car attractive. It's nose is a mish-mash of various shapes & styles, it's entire body looks like a sausage of wax that has been left next to a radiator for too long & to be quite frank, it's about as beautiful as a bulldog with toothache!

24th Mar 2005, 09:49

Re; above comments.

If you hate the 155 so much, why are you reading the reviews for it???

Closet 155 lover me thinks!!!

13th Feb 2012, 14:09

What about the Nash Metropolitan - now THERE goes an ugly car...

13th Jun 2013, 11:09

An Alfa Romeo 155 is just amazing. If you hate it, it's your problem. It's all about class, taste and the sudden urge to rev it up to 7000, just to annoy a guy in a VW Citi Golf.

I live in South Africa, I'm only 19, but I will stand by my Alfa 155 all the way, because it's more than most cars today could ever dream to be.

7th Jan 2014, 03:08

I have 2 Alfa 155s, narrow body and wide body, same engine (1.8 t-spark). This is the ultimate car... only a real petrol head will understand this car... it drives, handles and roars like a real Italian sports-car.

Only a person that understand its character will appreciate it. In my country Malaysia, on a tropical climate roadway, it drives perfectly and grips the B road confidently. When it takes the curvy roads, and climbs uphill, like the Cameron Highlands and Gentings, it will never let you down... Just be careful of the ravine by your side.

Some Alfas will have a temperature problem... but with a modification on the radiator 'fan', it will cure the problem.

Overall I will always drive the Alfa by rotating it... always keep maintenance on time... check and refill the water expansion tank, and also make sure the engine oil is checked before driving it for a long distance.

Enjoy driving fast...

1997 Alfa Romeo 155 TS 16V 2.0 from UK and Ireland


A performance car bargain and very individual too!!


Diesel rattle on startup which disappeared above 2000 rpm. Turned out to be faulty timing variator (similar to a known problem on Fiat Barchetta). Cost £200 to fix (ouch!!) at wonderful independent Alfa Specialist near Windsor (Alfa Aid).

Also the rev counter is faulty.

No other problems so far.

General Comments:

Very quick across country. Excellent handling and amazing grip. The quick steering rack is a joy.

The suspension settings that give this car such stunning handling unfortunately result in a very firm low speed ride that some would find rather tiresome. It depends on what you like: squidgy and cosseting or firm and taut. I prefer the latter.

Having driven a 156, I feel I have the better car if you like a sporty feel. The 156 is softer, more mainstream car, a better all rounder perhaps, but the 155 is a genuine sports saloon that, given the right road, absolutely sparkles.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2000

29th Dec 2005, 18:15

Having owned 2 155's a v6 in the last 2yrs! an now a 2.0 16v and driven a 156 I can whole heartedly agree that the 155 is the better car its as an alfa should be niggles and everything included... a drivers car!

1997 Alfa Romeo 155 TS 16V Super 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Something different from the rest with power, style and it's cheap to buy and run


Central locking solenoid.

Possible front wishbone bushes.

Wiper arms catching.

Maybe a sticking front caliper.

General Comments:

Love it! And it's a bargain when compared to a BMW 3 Series. Very underated. Mine has 17" wheels and lowered and uprated springs which sorts out the handling superbly. Very quick steering rack (2.1 turns lock to lock). 16V engine sounds great, especially with a K&N air filter. Superchips engine management seems to flatten out the torque curve nicely and allow acceleration in any gear. Another of Pininfarina's great creations!

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Review Date: 9th March, 2000

27th Nov 2000, 11:15

As far as I know, the 155 was designed by IDEA, not Pininfarina.

15th Feb 2001, 09:31

The 155 grew from the Fiat Tempra (heavens only knows who styled that...) and IDEA did their best at tidying it up - Pininfarina would have run a mile from this gauky looking thing.

1st Aug 2001, 13:41

On 17's, what tyres do you run?

1997 Alfa Romeo 155 Twin Spark Super 2.0 16V petrol from Denmark


Nothing so far. Current mileage 35.000 km October 1999.

General Comments:

Bought the car second hand in June 1999.

Always thought it had great lines. Now I know it also feels and drives just as I expected - well even better.

Maybe harder springs would improve cornering.

The car is as delivered from the factory except K&N AirFilter.

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Review Date: 24th October, 1999

1st Aug 2001, 13:39

Try some harder, shorter springs, they really help a lot.

1997 Alfa Romeo 155 Super TS 16V 2.0 from Sweden


Exhaust system defect after 30000 km.

Replaced by a custom built Ferrita stainless system.

Central locking on front doors defect after 25000 km.

General Comments:

After a 75 2.0 and a 75TS 2.0 I wondered if the 155 really was an Alfa.

After 60000 km I really can say it is.

Much better quality than the 75's.

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Review Date: 30th June, 1999