1999 Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 Selespeed from Malaysia


It's a bargain given its performance, but need to improve on reliability and spare part availability


Too jerky at low speed and this is especially annoying in city crawl. Had problem with gearbox once as it would not shift into 3, 4 and 5 gear. Repaired the gearbox once and it's OK ever since. Lapse time in shifting between gears a little too long as compared to manual. I had a minor accident when a car before me unconsciously backed up on me. I could not reverse the car fast enough to avoid the impact because the lapse time from "N" to "R" was just 3 seconds too long. Availability of spare parts is a huge disappointment. The selespeed buttons on the steering wheel do not engage the gear sometimes because they started to wear off after couple of years. Still have not found the replacement for the speed buttons after 5 months of inquiry as dealers have no stocks. Windscreen wipers are too noisy. Fuel gauge malfunctions occasionally.

General Comments:

Good performance car. Good handling on the road and at taking corner. Nice and sporty looking car around.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2003

1999 Alfa Romeo 156 selespeed 2.5 24 valve from UK and Ireland


Very fast, but very unreliable


After only a few days a warning light came on and I checked the hand book, but could not find it so I immediately drove in to the dealer I purchased it from and explained about the light to which he replied 'Don't know what it is, but i will ask my foreman mechanic to check it out' of course he did not know either. Two months later the same warning light came on and the car refused to drive. The engine was running, but no go. The car was collected by the A. A and since that the light has come on about 8 times and it has been towed in another time by the A.A.Sometimes when the light comes on and you switch off the engine the light goes out ,but not all the time. The air conditioning has failed. The fuse cover at the passenger side has fallen off and will not fit back on again. The front tyres have worn the inside edges so much that I had a blow out,despite having the tracking set twice.

General Comments:

The fastest car I have ever driven.

Handles extremely well.

Leather seats are showing signs of wear.

The wind screen de-mister in wet weather is totally useless.

The Alfa Dealer is even more useless.

Could someone please take this car off me soon.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2003

22nd Apr 2003, 06:18

Fuse box lids falling off is a common problem. Mine did this from new 2 years ago, and after 3 trips to the dealer, they finally fixed the problem with a crude device that you can't see from the cabin, but which makes opening the door now virtually impossible!

Dashboard warning lights - this seems to be a common problem too. Although I don't know the cause of yours, I'd suggest going on to www.alfaowner.com and logging your problem on the 156 forum page. You'll probably be inundated with info from other owners!

1999 Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 V6 24valve 2.5 V6 24valve from UK and Ireland


A constant worry and expense


Average a fault a week - clutch failed when, washer jets playing up, other electrical problems - most recent problem is with the cambelt snapping bending all 24 valves - cambelt change should be at 72000 miles - I advise you to change yours earlier.

General Comments:

Fantastic engine note, parts very expensive - lack of traction control is noticed in the wet.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2003

1999 Alfa Romeo 156 2.0TS 2litre Twin Spark from UK and Ireland


It makes everything else just seem ordinary


It had the wrong speed rated tyres fitted, but the dealer replaced them as soon as he was aware of it.

General Comments:

Great car, loves to be driven either in a straight line or around the twisty stuff.

Cabin is comfortable, but if I had my time again I'd look for one with leather trim.

Cabin space is big enough without being massive or claustrophobic.

Boot isn't as big as you might imagine.

23 miles per gallon is all I get around town, but out of town 40 miles per gallon is achievable.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2003