1972 AMC Ambassador 360 V8 from North America


Underrated performance and elegance


The only thing to ever go wrong with this car was a loose battery cable.

Owned it from purchase until it was totaled by a school bus on the way home from work one day.

General Comments:

Seriously the MOST comfortable car I ever drove.

Excellent performance, it could beat a corvette off the line and burn rubber in all the gears as the auto transmission up-shifted.

If the front seat was moved as far forward as it went, the entire bench seat's back would recline and meet up with the back seat for darn near queen sized bed comfort.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2004

28th Jun 2004, 10:40

I couldn't agree more!!

1972 AMC Ambassador Brougham 360 V8 from North America


A most comfortable, yet powerful, ride


I had the axle separate from the hub, though that had more to do with lack of torque on the nut than any fault of the car itself.

The car had a problem with a loose valve train and a bad distributor cap when I purchased it from the salvage yard, but they were readily repaired.

The interior is just now beginning to show signs of wear, but for a 30-year-old car with nearly two thousand miles it is doing quite well.

The factory single exhaust developed a leak in it, so it was replaced with a performance dual exhaust system in 1995.

General Comments:

The two barrel carburetor is not able to properly provide fuel and air for any sort of hill climbing, so the car gets sluggish when going up passes on the interstate. However, on flat land this car is very quick!

The interior is beautifully done, with split-bench seats in front and a super comfortable rear bench seat. The front seats fold down to meet the rear seat, turning the entire passenger compartment into a most comfy impromptu bed...

Style is unusual, distinctive, and sharp. This isn't the car to drive if attention is something you are trying to avoid! The chrome grille is made of solid metal, and the full-length rear taillight adds safety through added visibility.

With standard air conditioning, tilt steering column, and a powerful V8 engine mated to a bulletproof Torque Command 727 transmission, the Ambassador Brougham sedan is the epitome of 70's Kenosha luxury sedans.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2002

16th Jan 2003, 18:46

I drive the same car. A 1972 American Motors Ambassador Brougham with an automatic 360 V8. I would have to agree with all that you say. It is not something to drive unless you want the attention. It is a wonderful car.

I only wanted to comment on one thing. You had said that with the double barrel carburetor you can't pull hills. However I have no trouble pulling hills or mountains. In fact where I live that is all there is. I find that it is faster than my new car. And these babies were so low, wide and heavy that you can really let her go.

7th Jun 2003, 10:10

I find it interesting that on average you put on 66.6 miles a year on a car that you had to replace valves on at 90000. I know 2000 miles is such a respectable age.