1965 AMC Ambassador 880 Station Wagon V8 from North America


A symbol of a bygone era


Nothing major that I can remember - this was our family car when I was a child. It had a tendency to flood often and become hard to start. The time my father traded it in, it had started to rust through on the lower quarter panels. It also was hinting at a valve job.

General Comments:

This was the typical family car in the 60's that we took road trips in. It had some of the decals that had showed different places we had been on the rear side window. I can remember drive-in movies as a kid, and sometimes going to sleep in the back before the movie was over. Traveling on roads like route 66 while the interstates were still being built, and stopping along the road eating at rest stops that were only picnic tables along the roadside.

I was sad to see this car go.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2008

1968 AMC Ambassador SST 290 from North America


All around awesome car! Fun to drive!


Fuse went out on Air Conditioning - I replaced it and have had no other problems.

General Comments:

I have never owned an Ambassador until now, and I can tell you, they are one of the best built cars made.

I do think they went too conservative on the sporty options on the Ambassadors.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2006

31st Mar 2006, 07:55

AMC buyers in 1968 who wanted sporty would have been steered toward the Javelin/AMX, not the Ambassador.

The later model Ambassadors were even more conservative. You couldn't get bucket seats/console shift, even as options, after 1970.

31st Mar 2006, 09:39

Did it come with a factory 8-track? Chicks really dig an 8-track.

2nd Nov 2008, 09:17

I own a 1968 Ambassador SST with the power-full 343 cu in motor. It is one fine car. Mine is all original and was purchase from a museum within the last 6 months. It is documented as one of the last (ALL ORIGINAL) in the U.S.A today. It has very low mileage. The car has only been shown twice and received a respectable crowd. The cars home base is Ft.Lauderdale, Fl.

1971 AMC Ambassador 4 door Brougham 360 4 bbl from North America


Fast, fun, and reliable!


This car was not particularly well-maintained, and the results show.

There is rust in several places (along the roof rails, around the rear window, and at the bottom of the rear quarters). The rust around the roof is at the margins of the vynil roof the car came with originally (gone now).

The only major problem I have been having with the car is an overheating problem, which seems to only happen on the highway after I've been driving it for a while at highway speed.

The distributor is also somewhat worn and gives the engine an irritating misfire on light acceleration. To be fixed soon.

General Comments:

This is a 4,000 pound car, but it moves out. At 34 years old, it will still light up the rear tires, and neither the engine nor trans have ever been rebuilt.

The suspension is amazing. I was so surprised by the handling that I took it to an auto-cross and ran it. Everyone laughed until the numbers came in. I managed to get that car around the track faster than many other guys did that day, and got to do the cool "Dukes of Hazzard" style driving (ie breaking rear traction and swinging the tail around the twisties) to boot. The only mods from factory was a good set of gas shocks, 16" wheels, and a good set of 60-series tires.

It also has a very comfortable ride for the highway.

-- Marc.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2005

14th Aug 2005, 14:26

Kickin' butt in an Autocross with an Amboat?! I love it!

1st Mar 2009, 17:18

I am coming... My Ambo is yet to be built but has been located, but you won't see it cause it will be an unmarked ex police car, but the only time you will see it (well let's just say get used to the tail lights from a distance). It is a great American car, jma91122@aol.com and yes it's a 4 DR.

27th Jan 2010, 13:27

I have the 73 401 4 dr Ambassador with 107000 miles. Wow what a car. I beat foreign and domestic sport cars, and do get a lot of attention when driving or standing still. Beautiful car and all out comfort. Now if only I owned my own oil field to keep it full, seriously worth it though.

18th Jun 2023, 02:12

I'm glad to read that too. Brings back memories of dad bringing home a 69 Ambassador wagon from a USAF auction. Had the 304 with a big 4 bbl carb feeding it. Me and my brother got to drive it to our farm (22 miles away) in the 70s often. No cops, troopers, or anyone back then in that part of NW Fl. We would run the peajuice out of it. It was tough. I remember going by my uncles home out in the country at about 125/130. He just waved. Cool dude. I miss that guy and the car.