4th Nov 2009, 19:13

I recently bought a 68 SST 343. Rescued it from northern weather and salt. Now in AZ, can't wait to work on it.

15th Jan 2010, 15:46

Last Fall 2009 I just rescued 69 Ambassador 2DR SST "x" code from hot bake State Calif. Interiors are dry and crunchy, but rust free. Yes that's correct, lot of people thought Ambassador are 4 drs and luxury like caddy, only 60's till 1971 are equipped with bucket seats and console like my car, plus two sway bar and positive rear end too.

18th Jan 2010, 20:43

Most Ambassadors were four door sedans with bench seats.

20th Sep 2014, 04:19

Hi, I wanted to know if you have any pics of your 1968 Ambassador? I bought one last year, not in mint condition, but decent and low mileage too. It would be nice to see another one. You don't see many of them. Thank you.

My email is lik2hotmail.com

15th Aug 2017, 17:51

Hi, I was wondering how the gas mileage is with the 363 motor?

16th Aug 2017, 12:27

They made a 343 motor.

17th Aug 2017, 00:03

Did you mean how many miles per gallon... or gallons per mile? ;p

17th Aug 2017, 17:03

That's a boat comment. We burn up a gallon in our Fountain just heading off the boat ramp.

5th Jun 2018, 22:19

I have a 68 Ambassador SST with the 343 as well. Has just over 35000 original miles. The only issue with mine is that the windshield wipers don't work. I use it as a daily driver and it's still in top condition inside and out. Oddly enough mine was in a museum in Georgia. I have the paperwork on it from when it was there. I love this car madly. I'm up in the hills in NC with it.

6th Jun 2018, 12:11

Probably has those vacuum wipers that AMC was still using, long after all the other automakers had made electric wipers standard equipment. Check if the hose has come off the wiper motor.

Even when those vacuum wipers do work, they tend to stop whenever you need to accelerate. Or go up a hill.