1968 AMC Javelin 232 from North America


2nd best car I've owned next to my 68 Rambler American


Slight leak at shift shaft seal.

General Comments:

Extremely stylish, but not over the top.

232 engine is one of the very best in the history of the automobile. 145 horse power and 23 m.p.g. and you can expect the better part of 300,000 miles of service life. Ridiculously easy to work on. Almost identical to the reliable "Ramblers" of that era mechanically.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2006

1968 AMC Javelin SST 343 from North America


Timeless design that never will go out of style


Basic maintenance such as tires, battery, tune up. Nothing major in over 100,000 miles of trouble free driving.

Transmission had to be replaced, but considering how hard this car was driven, it should have went out several times. Some of those were 1/4 mile at a time!

General Comments:

The AMC Javelin was a wonderful styling exercise from AMC. If you ever have a chance to own one, please check it out, from the 232-6 cylinder models that get tremendous gas mileage to the hefty 390s and 401, it is all good.

If any of your readers are ever looking to buy a AMC vehicle, any model, including Javelin, please feel free to stop in at www.planethoustonamx.com as I have hundreds of free leads on AMCs for sale there in the free AMC Classifieds, and also the AMCs For Sale files. No charge, have helped over 500+ people find their AMC 'dream car' thru the years, and have personally owned 302 AMCs myself, including over 100 Javelins.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2005

1969 AMC Javelin SST 343 cu in from UK and Ireland


Fantastic fun


Needed a new starter motor after a couple of weeks.

Suffered from overheating problems and misfiring. After trying a number of things, eventually all problems cured with a recored radiator.

Plan your journey carefully. The 12 gallon tank is only good for around 150 miles!

General Comments:

This is a very unusual right-hand drive version. Great fun and not difficult to maintain, even for a total amateur.

Bags of performance, even after 35 years, but is better still as a cruiser.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2004

14th Aug 2005, 14:36

I wonder how many Javelins there are in the British Isles?

Too few, certainly!

18th Apr 2016, 22:55

I have one; it's the original test car from Autocar mag.

19th Apr 2016, 13:54

Most guys that do cruise nights and shows could care less about MPG. You can only drive 2500 miles when antiqued with tags and collector insurance. I checked my arrival odometer to the next fill up and it was 80 miles to refill.

I might go to a Tremec in my GM, but prefer the Muncie 4 speed. That would better MPG, but it doesn't shift as well. But MPG gain is significant on a long trip. Most of my shows are under 100 miles. I went with AAA towing at 100 mile distance for that very reason. I have only needed 1 tow in 30 years however. Most nice examples are proactive on maintenance, so towing isn't as common than even a new car.

I don't have spare tires on my cars as modern tires with mixed sizes don't allow it. Road service is a given when you buy one. In college I recall seeing many AMC 343-390 AMXs in the early 70s. And a 360SC Hornet 4 speed. It's nice to see these cars today at shows. My pick would be a Mark Donahue edition Javelin.

1973 AMC Javelin 360 cid from North America


Unsusual, sleek, fast and fun


Radiator had to be replaced due to rust. Starter was badly worn upon receipt, placed without problems. Speedometer a bit unsteady, lubrication resolved this problem.

General Comments:

The Javelin is very quick off the line as the 5.9L has loads of torque. One can produce amazing amounts of smoke from the tires and screaming burnouts are only a press on the gas pedal away. Oversteer is the norm, and handling it very good. The instrament panel is very unique, and the 'Go Pack' cluster is lots of fun. This is one of the most beautiful muscle cars ever to come out of Detriot. The Javelin was and is a work of art.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2004

13th Dec 2004, 03:59

Just wanted to correct you. Your Javelin didn't come out of Detroit. AMC, the last of the US independent car makers, was based in Kenosha, Wisconsin - unless it's rhd, then it's a CKD from Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

Mark (Australia)

18th Jan 2010, 08:19

I agree with "work of art". In my own opinion, it is the most beautiful car on the road. I have wanted one since they were new. I just recently bought one. I am VERY happy.