12th Sep 2008, 02:56

Wrong! My first car was a 1966 Rambler American 2 door hardtop. It had a 232 slant 6 (from the factory). When that engine blew we installed another 232 slant 6 from the factory (from a junk 66 American 2 door hardtop) right in. I am not an enthusiast or any of that, but this I know as fact!

The 1966 Rambler American 2 door hardtop DID come with a 232 slant 6 from the factory; end of story.

12th Sep 2008, 13:25

Ramblers were ahead of their time, as were many Studebakers.

6th Feb 2009, 10:00

At least he didn't call it a V6.

15th Jan 2010, 11:39

The Rambler was way ahead of its time. I own a 1966 Rambler American 2 door hardtop, and yes it is a straight six.

4th Feb 2010, 20:02

I purchased new, and still own a 1966 Rambler American 440 2-Door Hardtop, 3-speed with O/D. It has a 199 6-cyl engine. It needs a lot of tender loving care.

5th Feb 2010, 21:46

I had great luck with my 66 Ambassador 327 V8 that my grandparents gave me to drive to college. A wagon, but it was cool. I drove it until 1974, no issues at all.

21st Apr 2011, 10:56

I also own a 2dr HT, and it has a 232 inline 6, not a slant, and my father has a Convertible 232 inline.

29th Dec 2012, 18:34

Wrong 2x. A slant-6 has the cylinders canted, hence the, uh, name. A straight six like the Rambler 232 has the cylinders vertical in the block, not slanted. End of story.

28th Jan 2013, 11:21

I used to work for an American Motors dealer, and can't recall ever seeing a slant 6 motor. Worked there in the mid 60s and thru the 70s after I got out of the service.

26th Mar 2014, 17:30

That's because -- there weren't any Ramblers/AMCs with a slant six, despite what earlier commenters have asserted. Maybe they think any in-line six cylinder motor is a "slant six".

9th Nov 2015, 14:36

"The problem is not what you don't know, but what you do 'know as a fact' that's wrong."

10th Nov 2015, 11:52

Honestly, who cares what style 6 cylinder. I had 2 AMCs. A 66 Ambassador station wagon V8 and a new Gremlin X ordered new with a V8. The first was a gift from my grandparents who bought a new Olds wagon. The trade in wasn't great, so they gave it away to me. Garage kept, dark blue with a partial white color roof. Both cars are maybe not the most desirable today. But would be fun to take to car shows.

Many station wagons have become pretty popular today. We also had a white 59 Rambler with the small fins when I was growing up. Seem to recall a push button automatic on that one. But I may be wrong, being only 5 at the time. I don't think these cars were saved as much as a popular GM or Ford were in the day. So they are neat to see at a show. Some I have seen have gone for the rat rod look, which I do not care for. Who wants a car that looks like it came out of a junkyard in front of their home? To each their own.

12th Dec 2017, 14:29

Standard engine was a 199 cubic inch six; optional engine was a 232 cubic inch six with either a 1 or 2 barrel carburetor.

12th Dec 2017, 21:58


And none of those was a "slant six".

13th Dec 2017, 01:29

The ones I grew up around were 232, 258, 304, 343, 360, 390 and 401. 343 and 390s Go Pack in the AMXs.