1964 AMC Rambler Classic 770 195.6 OHV 6-cylinder from North America


Not the fastest, but very reliable


This car lived most of its life in the California/Nevada desert -- and while that helps prevent rust problems, the heat and sun is not good on the interior components and belts/hoses. Much has been replaced on this car due to same.

During my ownership (I would estimate at 90000 miles) I had to replace the starter.

The head gasket blew at around 100000 miles.

Seats are currently being recovered as the fabric gave out roughly 10 years ago. Again, due to the climate the car was kept in.

The brakes have always been a bit softer than I'd prefer. Likewise, suspension and steering show some play. All of this is changeable.

Some owners report rust-out problems (even in fair climates) at the firewall on the driver's side -- due to a drainage issue with the cowl. I've watched for this problem, but have not faced any issues with this on mine.

General Comments:

The cabin is big, bright, and airy, with good visibility. Excellent headroom (39.3"), legroom (41.0"), etc. It is like driving one's living room down the street.

The look of the car is sharp, with good mid-century design elements and some of the finest in post-tail fin sculpting. It always has a graceful, pretty look.

It is not an especially fast car. The original 6-cylinder (this one has the optional dual-throat carburetor) engine only gives you about 138 hp. Nevertheless, it makes up for this by providing decades of reliable driving with minimum upkeep.

Gas mileage for an older car is incredible. This can pull down 20 miles to the gallon, which I never thought I'd see.

Like the interior, there are acres of room under the hood (less so in the V-8 model), making this a good "first car" for someone who intends to do their own under the hood maintenance. I'm very pleased with this car, and hope to drive it for its next 40 years.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2004

5th Oct 2008, 16:33

I don't know if you saw this website suggested in the other Rambler review, but if you didn't, try looking for your starter here:


Good luck with it!

1966 AMC Rambler 440 wagon 199 from North America


Most reliable vehicle ever made


The brake lines rusted out and all of them had to be replaced. Not very expensive, but tedious and time consuming.

Floor board rusted through. Do not look down while driving.

Left rear leaf spring busted.

General Comments:

Very easy to service on those rare occasions when I actually had to open the hood.

Plenty of room with deep comfortable seats.

Handled reasonably well despite a tendency to wallow through sharp turns.

Nicely finished interior with the exception of the fiberboard headliner.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2004

1966 AMC Rambler American 440 slant six from North America


Rambler, a car ahead of its time


Somebody ran a stop sign and totaled it. Other than that there were few problems. It did have a leak around the heater that the dealer was never able to fix, but that wasn't a big deal, just got an occasional drop of water on my foot if driving in a heavy rain.

General Comments:

It got more miles per gallon than any car I have owned since.

It was very comfortable. I even camped out in the car. The reclining seats were more comfortable for camping than a cot could ever have been.

I see see most cars have now added some features like reclining seats and seat belts that were pioneered by Rambler. The Chrysler K cars seemed to me a spin off from the Rambler, but without the Rambler quality and reliability.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2004

18th Feb 2006, 23:22

Having owned many Ramblers over the last 44 years I would have to say it has never entered my mind that someone would compare a cheap, poorly built, tin can Chrysler K car to a Rambler. Wow now I've heard everything.

13th Aug 2008, 11:40

You mention having the Rambler equipped with a Slant 6? A Slant 6 could be jerry rigged to fit in a swap, I'd bet, but they didn't come with them from the factory ;)