20th Mar 2001, 08:12

TVR? Bearing in mind that you have to buy two - one to drive and one being repaired, perhaps you're right.

3rd Apr 2001, 11:07

Look here Mr. Aston Martin, don't you listen to Mr. Jaguar "I'm just jealous" XK8...

XK8's are becoming as common on our roads as the Ford Capri did back in the 70's. Give me the Aston any day, it maybe twice the price of the jag but it's got the better badge if you ask me. And as for TVR, ask yourself why they go so fast for so cheap, because they're unreliable basically. Amazing how a British sports car maker has managed to adopt Italian reliability into its manufacturing process. And do you really think it's cool to be driving a car called "Trevor"??? I rest my case!


18th May 2001, 01:11

DB7 versus XK8. Tough one. But look at the DB7. Just look at it. It's a work of art next to the Jag. A car that looks that good is worth every penny. Case closed.

2nd Jun 2001, 07:46

I agree that the DB7 is far more superior than the XK8. But for performance/price you can't beat an Jag XKR.

18th Jun 2001, 03:37

Ahem, excuse me people, are you aware that the DB7 design was scrapped by Jaguar and given to Aston Martin? They thought that the car looked too Japanese and got rid! As for all the Ford parts, they both have them as they are both owned by Ford.

Buy a Ferrari if you want speed, buy a Rolls Royce if you want comfort, buy a TVR if you want to be frightened!

21st Jun 2001, 04:11

Good conclusion Mr 18th June!


The TVR Tuscan puts everything else to shame though in terms of acceleration, and after all that's more important than straight-line speed (unless you own a runway!). An Escort Cosworth can out handle anything else too (if that's what you're after!) and it looks better than any other car ever built. I thank you.

27th Jun 2001, 04:37

An Escort Cosworth? Good god man. I can imagine what my fellow chums would say! Can any of you gentlemen imagine turning up to play a spot of golf in an Escort Cosworth? I say common as muck. Real gentlemen drive Aston's and Roll's.

The TVR Tuscan may be a nice car old chap, however, it seems to have a lot in common with what dogs do on pavements. I declare the case closed.

8th Jul 2001, 14:12

AND I declare that REAL Gentlemen don't act like stuck up snobs (think about it, if you can).

Power is nothing without control Sir, remember that when you decide to challenge one of MY babies at the lights on a wet morning ;) (hehehe)

30th Jul 2001, 06:23

If you want speed, buy a Subaru Impreza.

If you want an Aston Martin, buy an Aston Martin. I have an old AM V8 (1976) which I love to bits. It is impractical, fast enough, crap in the wet, but it is worth every penny it cost and keeps costing. I love it.

I am thinking of getting a DB7 because it is a car I can drive every day which will give me almost as much pleasure. In the end though, if it is worth it to you, then that is OK, if not, then that is OK too. As for the Ford parts, even the old cars got parts from all over. What matters is that the cars and engines are hand built. That is what costs the money.

3rd Aug 2001, 16:49

Hmmm...real gentlemen don't care what others think of what they drive.

I could personally afford an Aston or Porsche or Rolls but drive a Peugeot. Glad to be driving a Peugeot and not being as sad and snobbish as so many contributors here.


9th Aug 2001, 14:20

Boys and Girls...isn't it all just a matter of personal taste? God forbid we ever agree on the merits of a machine. I have had the extreme pleasure of owning all the machines you mention and each has its own characteristics which I have enjoyed... now go out and enjoy your driving... no matter what it is!

8th Sep 2001, 08:11

I think it would be fair to call the XK8 a poor man's DB7. This comparison is in much the same vain as calling a Rover 75 a poor man's Jaguar S-Type.

People may choose the cheaper alternatives in both cases because they offer far better value for money.

However they are clearly worlds apart although they may have slight resemblances.

Just look at the levels of depreciation. Both the DB7 and the S-Type retain more value than the XK8 and the Rover 75.

With the exception of the XJ220 Jaguar do not make fast cars. The normally aspirated XK8 is far too slow. The supercharched XKR is not much better. Jaguar should now build on their new found success in in the Executive Saloon sector.

Having criticised the XK8 I would still have one over the Aston for obvious reasons: Second hand bargain prices, cheaper running costs and much cheaper insurance.


2nd Oct 2001, 17:39

Thank you Steven, would you like me to add more to your site?

17th Dec 2001, 10:22

Hey Bentley Bill, you're sneering because Jaguar and Aston are owned by Ford, is this really any different from Bentley being owned by VW? For the ultimate brand, its got to be Lexus, they may not have the heritage, but what is heritage at the end of the day, Skoda has a heritage but they were still ridiculed for years! Ask Mr.J.D.Power which brand he'd prefer! ps, the review wasn't that funny Steven!

9th Jan 2002, 19:44

Really Mr. 17 December, I don't think you have thought this through. First of all even if Bentley is owned by VW, look at all the prestigious brands that Volkswagen own: Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

Volkswagen by the way has transformed itself from a struggling small European manufacturer to a thriving multinational company. However they have always had a good heritage, excellent quality and good design. They are a respected car manufacturer and have HERITAGE.

Ford on the other had, while it may own Aston Martin and Jaguar I think has really destroyed its reputation in the past few years. With various quality glitches and other PR issues people have begun to opt for other makes. Naturally that has been reflected in Ford's financial situation which is not as healthy as it used to be. I don't see much of a future for AM and Jaguar, because Ford is struggling. The company would inject less funding into development and research and slowly the sales would be affected. People don't want to pay $100 000 and get quality problems or shared components. If you sit in a new Jaguar today then you would notice the amount of shared components. When you buy an expensive car you want exclusivity, comfort and individuality.

And as for your attack on heritage. Good god, saying heritage isn't anything. If we did not have heritage, then you would not be able to differentiate good from bad, different styles, different ideals. You say that Skoda has heritage, yes it does have heritage, but not a good heritage. I have always looked upon Skoda as a maker who makes inferior little cars (yes I know they have picked up the pace since they came under the ownership of VW, but Skoda is not a prestigious brand.) and I am sure others have too.

And as for Lexus, well as I said earlier, the market is being infiltrated by American design. The Lexus is a prime example, it was made to appeal to the American market, therefore designed to American standards (that is without saying that it is a beautifully made car). I find Lexus cars a little bland and I am sure others will share that view.

Oh and as for your comment that my review was not funny, hehe, you are just jealous!