9th May 2004, 19:09

Please... can one of the alleged DB7 owners who have posted on here, give some RUNNING COSTS.

How much for the twice yearly service?

Does the 3.2 v8 require the same service interval as the Vantage etc?

How do they find they Insurance costs and with which company?

This sort of information is all freely available on BMW and Jag boards.

1st May 2005, 17:13

I just stumbled on this website, and have to add my view. First off TVRs are all ugly, and will get you about a mile before breaking down - if you want a REAL performance British car, one with style, looks, and MONSTOROUS acceleration - buy the Lotus Esprit. Looks better than the TVR, faster than the Aston and Jaguar, and an all around better car. I own a 2002 model, and I smoke Jaguar XKRs and Aston Vanquishes at every stoplight - and I've even smoked a TVR Speed Six before. 0 to 60 in the low 4 second range - in fact, the 1994-96 esprit is faster than the current Aston DB9 and Jaguar XKR to 60. Oh, and another thing - the Esprit is MUCH more affordable than all of the above! Let's have some sense here - the lotus is far superior!

20th Aug 2005, 22:37

How about someone telling people who are looking for advice, should they buy a DB7 or if they are wasting their time! or should be rushing out wallet in hand, who really cares if some 'wally' in a Bentley or Lotus spends time at traffic lights waiting to prove their manhood by out-dragging some other motorists! grow up!! Tell the people who want information your opinion and experiences with the car not what your egos are conjuring up whilst reading this months 'Classic Car'.

Norm Marshall Vancouver Island Canada.

10th May 2007, 21:24

I too like Norm Marshall - Canada, am disappointed not find anyone with "helpful comments" on buying an Aston Martin DB7 etc. If any of the previous contributors would like to make amends in regard to this, then I would be most grateful. I have owned both the XK8 and S type Jaguars and have thoroughly enjoyed both, but am seriously thinking about the DB7 Vantage. Any helpful comments out there??

Valentine Florida USA.

9th Jul 2008, 07:32

Well, I'll probably get my Yank beak bashed, but here goes... Looking at a 2007 DB 7 convertible in something called "Mendap Blue" with 8800 miles.. asking price of $67500...We're getting our first taste of pricey petrol this summer of 2008 and though this is little concern for me, I can see the peasants are getting a tad churlish.. I'm considering purchase if they pass that moratorium on guillotine sales...

15th Jul 2008, 12:11

I have had a DB7 Vantage as a daily driver for 9 months now and barring some starting issues with the car I can't complain. Yes the servicing is expensive if you have the dealer do it with labor at $135.00 an hour. I do my own labor. Differential fluid is $80.00 a liter and it takes three liters every 30,000 miles. Ignition coils are $130.00 apiece and you will need to replace all twelve at around 30,000 miles on a 2002 vintage car. I need a radiator right now and it looks like they are 300 pounds sterling in the UK. I am hoping the XKR radiator is similar enough to use a tank from. They are according to the Aston Martin Owners forum. I hope I have been of some assistance.