11th Jan 2002, 12:31

Having read all the comments it's amazing how all you Aston, Bentley and Roller owners/fans are so nieve.

OK so you have money and you wish to waste it on metal four wheeled boxes that goes down in value quicker than Barings Bank.

None of them are 'British' all owned by foreign companies all are vastly over priced and all are totally impractical for everyday use.

If you want to waste money on a land version of the QE2 fine, but please don't preach to us that we should be driving them.

And as for TVR, ask an owner how long it takes to get somewhere, he'll tell you he doesn't know because he's never completed a journey.

12th Jan 2002, 22:57

I was very rattled when you made those comments! Golly, I was on the computer for 2 hours stewing over what you had said. NO HERITAGE! OUTRAGEOUS.

I have to say that I don't really agree with the comment that I apparently 'preach' my 'British Barge'. I am simply trying to make a point that the world markets are being saturated by boring and similar design and concepts. I fear the worst for the car market in the future.

30th Jan 2002, 03:46

Design, Bentley, Boring tut tut tut, all three words are the same. These so called 'British Heritage' cars are basically rats with a gold tooth, a long one at that!

Lexus, aha, a real piece of luxury at an amazingly low price, they are comfy, classy, quick and hold their value better than any other luxury car inc. the German North Atlantic fleet (Merc & BMW).

Quality is a state of mind, not necessarily linked to cost.

Britain as a car producer is defunct so accept what our overseas friends provide and enjoy the ride.

8th Feb 2002, 14:59

I came upon this site because I may be purchasing a DB7 Volante later this year and have been looking for reviews. I can't say anyone here has swayed me one way or the other, but you Brits sure are entertaining! (I'm from the Colonies).

PS. I think he's funny too!

9th Sep 2002, 15:32

I know it's a while since anyone last posted here, but I am anyway. I read with interest the opinions from people about Aston Martin using bits and pieces from Ford. Whether you pay £13000 or £100000 for a car, an air vent is an air vent. Who would actually look at the air vent in a DB7 and think 'oh goodness, it's so obviously from a Ford Mondeo!' I don't. They're integrated within the dash design to blend in. Also worthy of mentioning is the fact that the Aston Martin DB4 of 1958 'borrowed' its bumpers from the Ford Zephyr, and the front indicator lights from a Land Rover. Perhaps Aston are simply keeping up with tradition in their new cars then.

10th Sep 2002, 15:41

I have found the above comments amusing, but not particularly helpful as I am interested in owning a DB7 and am eagerly seeking genuine advice.

Being a mere BMW owner to date, any comments on day to day running costs, servicing costs/frequency and reliability/practicality as the main car would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

28th Nov 2002, 05:43

I would like to offer some practical advice on owning a db7. I run one on a daily basis and have found that if you service it on a regular basis I have had no problems mechanically.

The only problem with using this car on a daily basis is that the interiors don't wear well also plastic parts switches etc break frequently.

The car does about 20-22 to the gallon and is reliable.

If you fancy one, don't be put off by what most people say about them, they are only jealous; remember it's not a Porsche or a Ferrari or a BMW; it's an Aston Martin, it's the xxxxxxx 's.

2nd Dec 2002, 17:08

I second the previous comment - I'm the current owner of a 2001 XK8 Convertible and would like to get either an XKR or a DB7 Volante to replace it. I'm basically happy with my XK8, it's not quite powerful enough for me, but other than that it's a joy to drive. The DB7 promises more power and a bit more exclusivity, but I'm not sure if it will be as reliable and well built as the XK8.

I am also very concerned about Ford's ownership of Jaguar and Aston Martin (and Range Rover, my other vehicle). For the most part they seem to be doing okay, but I'm not sure they can resist the pressure to add more and more shared components to their premium vehicles. I've already observed that the switchgear in the S-Type and X-Type are far inferior to the ones in the XK and XJ line. Right out of a Ford Taurus.

The Range Rover shares the same headlight assembly as the Ford Explorer.

I, for one, do not want to spend the amount of money for the se vehicles to get a warmed-over Ford. I really hope they rethink this strategy, because otherwise I'll be looking at other brands, as will probably most of the other buyers with any taste.


5th Aug 2003, 13:27

You guys can submit your comments and views on the world's "best" car all you want, but not one of you knows the "real" best car in the world. TRABANT. Yes it had all the jokes associated with it, and was made out of fibreglass, but so many were made, and the Trabant has therefore become a cult car these days. Now I can't see that happening with Aston, Porsche or even Ferrari. Yes these cars are nice vehicles to own if you have that sort of money to spend, but at least a Trabant was cheap also! (I heard somewhere that they went for literally 1DM after the fall of the wall) anyway I'll leave this with you to ponder!

5th Nov 2003, 09:24

Reading the comments about DB7 and Jag XK8. Look if you want comfort, value for money etc buy the Jag. If you want that something special that will turn more heads than Pam Anderson walking down the high street in her birthday dress, buy the DB7. Aston Martins have never been the most reliable car, or the cheapest, but they have class, style and above all the power that the Italians would kill for. Any Aston is worth it's weight in gold.

15th Feb 2004, 14:21

Good God what a lot rubbish. I also wanted to know if the Beautiful Aston DB7s were reliable or like a Ferrari. Pretty to look at, and drive, but you need a bank to keep it on the road. By the way I am a Yank! I recently sold my Testarossa and found it to be the most ridiculous car to own regarding the prices of parts and maintenance. i.e. like sparkplug wires from the dealership at $1200 a set. $7,000 to get the cam belts changed etc. Who really needs it? As to Ford parts, I can only say that Ford has made the Jaguar one of the most reliable cars around which is fine with me. No unreliable Bosch parts, or Italian ignition parts to contend with.

If you want reliability let Ford engineers get in there, however the British do make the most appealing interiors in the world. The Italians until recently the most beautiful, the Americans the most bulletproof (reliable) next to the Germans. The Japanese the most copied.