5th May 2009, 22:54

Hello: I'm glad to read all this, because I recently brought an Audi 100 LS model 76, and the truth is I've loved this car since I saw it, but it's very hard to find parts, specially those that do not sell in the stores like the dashboard and the cluster. I'm trying to find this, but I can't, even in your country, and I didn't find it, so if you could help me to find this I'll appreciate it. Thanks, my mail is chopiloto@hotmail.com bye. NOTE sorry because of my English.

19th Oct 2016, 02:03

I am in the market to buy a 1970 to 1973 Audi 100. Are you or do you know someone that is looking to sell?

If so here is my e-mail JJGranthon@gmail.com

Thank you, Mike Granthon.

27th Sep 2017, 19:32

Hi. I have a 74 100LS here in Canada. Been in the family for 43 of 44 years and she starts up no problem every year (no major engine work except a valve job required about 10 years ago). I had to get a brake pressure equalizer last year. It sits under the master cylinder and has a similar look (forerunner of ABS brakes - amazing). Obtained one from Germany as non-existent in N. America, but then my master cylinder needing servicing. I ended up sending the original one to Germany for a rebuild and had it mailed back. No issues! God they know what they are doing there! Refreshing service! And yes, the cylinder head was rebuilt there too...

31st Oct 2017, 15:44

Hello. Update for my 74 100 LS here in Canada.

Still going strong and attracting a ton of attention, even on short 10 minute drives to run a quick errand. I did have a brake problem for about a year, but I am ever persistent and got it fixed LOL.

Needed Brake Pressure Booster - similar to master cylinder and it sits under the MC - I am told only put on the automatics. This was the forerunner of ABS brakes I am also told and it started to leak about a year ago - hey it's been 44 years! After a few months I got a new original one that came from Germany (rare there). My mistake was then to install an aftermarket shiny MC above it that then leaked. The MC was then rebuilt but still leaked. I learned the hard lesson that the piston comes in different diameters. Sent my original MC to Germany and had it rebuilt by a friend who shipped it back (no new ones appear to exist). So now all is good, after many moons!

There are no other issues and I ride again wonderfully with just over 100,000 miles on her. So many parts are still 44 years old. Incredible how it starts and drives so amazing after so many years. Not for sale yet! Been in the family all but 1 year so I have to keep it. It is not supposed to exist, but then again, neither are some people - SURVIVOR :o)))