6th Jun 2008, 16:00

I have a 1976 100LS that I bought here in Denver 2 years ago. No rust and all the glass is good. My GF and I have fallen in love with this unique and fun to drive car.

We just got the head rebuilt because it was warped, and the guides were toast, and now I am just scouring the planet for a stinking head gasket. LOL Go figure.

If anyone knows of a gasket source or has one, please email me at jettaglxdriver@hotmail.com. My next step is getting the seats redone and a paint job. Long live the C1 Audi.

9th Oct 2008, 18:41

Audi 100 1970. My father's car, the best car I ever drove in my life...

The day they came to take it from us, I was crying in 1989 when my father sold it...

That car is my childhood car...

I was born in 1976. My father bought it brand new in 1970...

My father taught me how to drive in that car when I turned a teenager...

I remember that car power and the sound of the engine...

It was white; I remember the dashboard with the wood inside...

The reason my father gave it away was because in the end he had serious problems with the gearbox, and a lot of smoke was coming out from the car...

That car was very powerful. I remember that my father was using it for work, it is a very heavy duty car, it's not like the plastics we see today on the roads...

I wish i can find one today. I am interested in an Audi 100 1970-1976... Europe area to ship to Cyprus...

Love you Audi 100 1970.

My father today is 71 years old and I wish I could make him feel the joy again of owning that Audi...

Please help me make that dream come true.

My email: savvasze@cytanet.com.cy

12th Oct 2008, 12:40

I bought a used 100 LS in the early 80's. Maroon with black leather. I had experience with "exotic" foreign cars-- owned a 72 Peugeot 044, Alfasud 1300 etc. But the Audi was the cats meow.

Bought the car in Dayton Ohio where I "inherited" the mechanic from the seller. The mechanic just happened to be a USAF jet mechanic assigned to the nearby Wright Patterson Air Force base. For the modest sum of $15/hr labor charge he kept that sweet ride running nicely.

Romantic car, but you really should not attempt to own without your own jet mechanic...

31st Oct 2008, 14:41

You may own or owned a 100 LS that is a great car, but is or was it a 1973? My dad owned one of these.

The disc brakes were too close to the engine. Oil leaked out of the valve cover and got on the disc brake rotors. The pads wore out way too quickly.

Automatic transmission shifting was very jerky. I know, I know, don't get automatic transmission with a car like this.

Overall poor quality and reliability.

27th Nov 2008, 14:38

I read some of the comments on this topic with a chuckle. Either we in South Africa got better Audis and America the lemons or, rather America has no mechanics to work on anything but American rattle boxes.

I collect Audis, have 3 in the US, where I struggle to find good competent workshops and in South Africa I have 4 Coupe 100S', that was never sold in the American market and then a 100L, 100LS as well as a 100GL and a couple of NSU's and, down here I have no problems as my mechanic knows his product. Incidentally, I do agree the inboard discs were not so nice and can attest to that as my 1976 Coupe has the first outboard discs and it is better in all aspects.

My 1979 Fox in the US is at a German garage in Houston at the moment, and they have problems getting it to run well. In SA the same car is an Audi 80 and, except for your awful bumpers is the same as the Fox. My garage services this car and there is no comparison.

It seems then, the only mistake Germany made was to let loose their cars in a country where Japanese Scrap rules.

26th Jan 2009, 03:46

I got a '74 100LS when I was 17 in 1984.

The bad:

That particular car was the most expensive POS I've ever owned. The head warped twice and blew the gasket. The front inboard brakes fell apart 3 times, the last time a rotor and CV joint bearings came rolling out from under the car. The Zenith carb died, replaced with a nice Weber. Numerous Electrical issues. It was just too expensive for a 17yo to keep.

The good:

After 25 years of driver a number of VW's, and currently owning a '01 BMW 325i, I swear to God, *when* the car was running, that 100LS was the nicest driving car I've ever owned...

31st Mar 2009, 11:04

I have a 1972 Audi 100LS. It needs a right side engine mount (the old one split in 2). Anyone have any suggestions?



17th Apr 2009, 09:30

I have to agree with many of the other comments to the effect that it was a love/hate relationship. I bought a 1974 100LS that was in cherry condition in 1976. The car had 20K on it and looked like it just rolled out of the showroom.

Had never before, or since, owned a car with such incredible handling and ride! The fit and finish were beautiful, equal to cars costing 3x as much.

The problem with the car was the complete lack of reliability. At least every three months, I would end up being towed to the dealership for expensive repairs, often on the same systems. In three years of driving, the car required several transmission rebuilds, carbs, front brake jobs and thousands of $ of misc. electrical repairs. Not long ago, I was cleaning out old drawers and I found my Audi file with all of the repair slips. I spent over $6500. in three short years just keeping that car on the road. The service manager at the dealer used to laugh and say, "the 100LS is an engineers dream and a mechanics nightmare". He was spot on. I baby cars and in 35 car owning years, have never had another car that even came close to the problems that the Audi had.

That there aren't any on the road today really says a lot. My neighbor has a 1967 Lincoln with 300K that he still uses as a daily driver. There are lots of these on the road and parts are plentiful. Good quality is enduring.

1st Jul 2009, 19:04

I bought a used 1973 Audi 100ls in 1978, it had 59k when I got it from the used car dealer. It was the beautiful dark brown with beige seats. I loved the car, it looked better than the Mercedes or BMW of the same era.

The car run and handled like a dream. The only problem that I had with the car were the motor mounts and the head gaskets.

I was pretty handy and when something went wrong, I fixed it myself. We did not have A Audi in rural Alabama.

I put 145k on the car before I hit a tree dodging a reindeer on Christmas Eve, and literally walked seven miles without a scratch.

My Audi was actually very reliable. Even today, I still have wonderful memories of the car. I call it the car that stole Christmas.