13th Jun 2016, 07:05

Try the Audi owners club. Owners clubs are a mine of valuable information.

21st Feb 2017, 19:23


Is there possibility to find an Audi 100 GL C1 or similar for sale? I can see there is one red in Denver Colorado, but it's impossible to get in contact with the seller.

Please send a message to ekaroliu@online.no

Regards, Einar Karoliussen, Norway.

27th Sep 2017, 19:40

I wrote about my 100LS earlier when it had just over 92K miles here in Canada - over 100K miles now. The only issue since my last post was the requirement for new brake pressure equalizer (looks like master cylinder on the Automatic - sits below it and I am informed was the forerunner of ABS brakes!) and master cylinder. I obtained the equalizer/booster new from Germany and sent my MC there for a rebuild. Went for amazing drive last night. That was the first time in 43.5 years I needed to service the MC and booster. I will post about any other necessary repairs as required... Boosy.

18th Aug 2021, 11:42

Additional update in 2021. Of course the car now has over 100,000 miles. Still fine, but I am beginning to use more oil on longer drives (say after 3 hours I may need a quarter liter of oil). I suspect a minor leak in an engine seal somewhere (gets a bit wet on the bottom without dripping) and perhaps rings starting to wear. I am probably going to rebuild the engine in the next few years - have lots of parts and a new seal kit of required. For now it still drives strong.

I put a minor ding in the front fender (hard to see) doing something dumb in the garage. Hey, it has been 47 years LOL. I intend to keep the car. It is highly unusual and defies all the naysayers out there. How many cars from the 70s have gone over 100K MILES without an engine rebuild!