1989 Audi 500 e 2.5 petrol from Namibia




This car is in an excellent condition. The only things that had to be replaced were the shocks, CV joint covers, tyres, the electric motor for the windows was repaired, new timing belt had to be fitted, and it got a major service. The interior of the car is still like new.

General Comments:

This is such a nice car. Just a pity one does not get parts for it any more.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2013

1991 Audi 500 E 2.5 V5 from Namibia


My dream car


Radiator at 185000km.

Gasket at 190000km.

I put a Jetta petrol pump inside the tank - no more noise.

Idling valve at 195000km.

Clutch at 198000km.

Soon will change brake disks.

Bought it for 30000 R. All the repairs cost me 15000R more.

General Comments:

Very comfy, reliable, powerful, spacious, smooth ride.

Max speed is 195kmph, goes 45 degree uphill at 3rd gear.

No rust for 20 years.

Cost me less than 50000R, and it is as new!

A 300000R car has just slightly more shine.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2011

1993 Audi 500 SEL 2.8 V6 from South Africa




This is and always was my ultimate AUDI. I have had the following Audi's - 500E, A4 1.8 Avant, 1.8 T Avant, 500 SE, A4 2.8 4door.

But seriously, the 500 SEL has the cleanest, smoothest and definitely the sexiest lines and shape.

I bought this car for myself, as it was always in the back of my mind, THE ONE to have! I took my time when looking around, and one day it stopped in front of me. I boldly asked the owner (also driver) if I could take a peek inside this piece of GERMAN engineering, and wow, this was what I've been dreaming about, for all those years! This had to be the cleanest, nicest 500 SEL on the road today! No tears to the seats or anywhere in the interior, no dents, no major marks, no electrical problems. I bought it right there and then, for a good price of course!

This is really a masterpiece. I have replaced the shock absorbers, wheel bearings (all round). THAT'S IT!!!

There are however, some minor scratches around the boot lid and the door locks.

If you are looking for big space with reliability and good looks - go this era AUDI.You'll never regret the move.

General Comments:

This one is going for a good buff and valet, that's it. Then it's clean/good enough for shows as an original unit.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2011

4th Dec 2016, 05:12

Hi there, I just got a 93 Audi 500 SEL 2.8 V6, but a front shock needs replacing. How much did you pay for it??

1989 Audi 500 e 2.2 5 cylinder from South Africa


Wish I had the bucks to restore her :(


It's smoking like a chimney.

The gearbox needs to be warmed up for a long time before it changes gears in the morning.

The electric windows are problematic.

Suspension in the front is shot.

Tie rod ends finished.

The air-con does not work.

General Comments:

This car has lots of torque.

Very powerful motor.

The cabin is spacious & very comfortable.

It's a 22 year old fighter.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2010

1992 Audi 500 e 2.3 Five Cylinder from South Africa




Seats recovered in leather.

Power steering rack replaced at 203 000km's.

Power steering pump replaced at 203 000km's.

Power steering pipes replaced at 203 000km's.

Exhaust manifold replaced at 212 000km's.

Drive shafts replaced at 212 500km's (they were bent, probably by the Audi dealership when it was serviced).

Hydraulic lifters replaced at 213 800km's.

General Comments:

Even though the parts are ridiculously expensive, it is worth repairing and maintaining.

After fitting 17" wheels with Pirelli tires, it handles beautifully and stops on a dime.

Since having the interior replaced, the cabin is a nice place to be, and also had a factory mp3 sound system installed.

With the semi free-flow exhaust, it sounds like a V8 when you press the loud pedal hard and yet, soft when you drive "normally".

This car still gives newer cars a run for their money at the stop lights, and drives so smooth after having the drive shafts replaced. I'm pretty sure the Audi dealer bent them when they placed the car on a jack stand, resting the driveshafts on the jack (stupid thing to do). It cost me an arm and a leg to replace the shafts, but now there is no more vibration at high speed, and she drives like a dream.

This car is capable of very high speed, although I've only ever taken it as far as 210km/h on the freeway, and she was still accelerating.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2007

9th Nov 2009, 03:34

I've got the same car, but got a problem with the gears, I only get reverse and not drive, first or second, any suggestions?



26th Nov 2010, 21:34

I have a 1989 500e that I love. I haven't got the money to restore it. I'm afraid that I'm gonna have to get rid of her for a Bantam. I wish that there was some kind of a fund to restore this car that I can pay with monthly installments, with the fully restored car as collateral.

30th Sep 2011, 15:27

I recently bought the same model, busy restoring it. The air flow pipe needs to be replaced. Where can I get a replacement, any suggestions?

Jackie 073 341 4317 or morakejake@yahoo.com

16th Oct 2014, 19:53

Mine is also having the same problem.

8th Nov 2018, 17:39

I have a South African Audi 500 SEL V6 2.8. The car is very clean and neat, however it just died. On inspection it was found there is no spark; my baby is standing now.

6th Jan 2022, 05:18

Hi there, I bought a 1992 Audi 500 a week ago.

Some faults like rattling while driving, will have to check the suspension.

Also struggle with idling, very uneven...

Automatic was changed to manual.

I need to do the CVs.

Would like any advice on the car please.


From South Africa, Pretoria.