10th Feb 2001, 14:05

I disagree with them being problematic, I have a 1987 5000 Turbo Quattro, and it has 237,000 miles on it, nothing rebuilt, everything works wonderfully except the window regulator, but that doesn't bother me too much considering the mileage.

25th Mar 2001, 22:36

I would have to disagree with these cars being problematic. I had a 1987 5000 CS Quattro, with 340,000miles on it when I sold it in 1999. The transmission was flawless, as was the engine. The person I bought it from owns a whole fleet of Audis, ranging from the late 70's to the current models and he would also agree with me that these cars are excellent. Keep in mind that my Audi had 340,000 miles on it with the ORIGINAL drivetrain. I had no mechanical problems aside from routine maintenance (fluid changes, tune ups, tires, etc.) These cars are meant to be driven, and that's exactly what I did with mine. I didn't baby my car, just made sure to change the oil and other fluids as necessary. I loved the car so much that I'm planning on buying another one this summer!

24th Apr 2001, 14:13

AUDI 5000 (C CS Q) :

Avoid the automatic transmission.

'87 Quattro has nice feature of being able to lock the center and rear differentials from inside the car, making for a superb snow mobile.

Expect problems from:

1. Power Window switches.

2. Front lock/unlatch assemblies/handles.

3. Blower motor in HVAC unit.

4. Paint peeling from center of wheel/lug nut caps.

Good points of CSQ:

1. Turbo motor revs with abandon.

2. Unstoppable unless the snow is over 16" deep.

3. Solid and Quiet

4. Impeccable paint (except for the wheels - see above)

5. Interior fit and finish is second to none.

Parts for these automobiles are VERY expensive. It would be wise to avoid these vehicles unless you are somewhat versed at do-it-yourself, or you will be paying through the nose at the dealer or local sports car clinic.

17th Aug 2001, 06:41

Avoid old Audis? Why?

I bought a 1987 Audi 5000 S in 1998 with 52,000 miles for only 2 grand! Best damn car I ever bought. That car always started. No matter what that car always started and ran great.

That car flew! I've beaten many a tricked out Honda and Toyota. Man you should have seen the looks on their faces. Them with their huge German mufflers on crap cars. My Audi didn't even have a muffler!! The rubber fastners to hold the muffler up dry rotted and my big ol muffler fell off on the highway doing 115mph. What a mess for the car behind me. I never bothered to put another one on because it sounded so cool! I think the car was faster after that.

All I know is, I loved the car. I kick my pants everyday since the day I sold it. But now own a 1984 Volkswagon Rabbit GTI. What a wild car! This car is totally faster than my Audi. I've beaten so many 5.0s it's not even funny. This car looks like junk but man, fast as a bat outta hell.

26th Aug 2001, 00:39

I'd have to disagree also, I own two 85's and an 84 wagon, and they have been the best cars. The wagon's engine survived until 236k miles when a connecting rod broke, so I replaced it with an engine that only had 50k miles and replaced the original auto tranny with one from a turbo.

The car is a blast to drive, plenty of power and a great handler. My other 85 is the street racer, but it's had its share of tranny problems too, but I took care of it. K&N cone filter, Blaufernugen camshaft and a cat-back exhaust. I love it.

31st Aug 2001, 02:00

I have a 1986 5000 CD turbo (CD is on Canadian models instead of CS), and a 1987 5000 CD turbo as well. I have to say that for the money these are great cars! My 87' has 327000 kilometers on it and it is not showing any signs of fatigue. In fact, this car is a powerhouse!! I have tweaked the turbo waste gate with a stiffer spring, and by-passed the fuel pump shut off relay by grounding it out. Unfreaking believable!!! Oh ya, use synthetic oil at all times if you can afford the extra cost. Think preventative maintenance dudes!

13th Oct 2001, 00:03

This Audi is unreliable, well somewhat anyway. It is full of so many problems, I have owned 2 Audi 5000s and have had the same problems with both of them.

The window regulators (all four), door handles (all four).

The transmission went bad twice and the third time I replaced the whole thing. And the rpm was terrible, I would be driving 40 mph with 6000 rpm, and with my Mitsubishi Galant I'm going 3500 rpm @ 40 mph.

Audi is a true flaw up to the early 1990's. There are many more problems, leaks, failures of many systems in the car. There are so many I don't want to type them all. I was obsessed with Audi up until I bought one, and 3 months after that I dreaded the car.

The car has a very luxurious look to it and is very luxurious from inside, but it's just covering up the true flaw of Audi.

12th Jan 2002, 12:49

I just bought an Audi 5000S 1988 quatro, it's my second Audi. It's in great shape. I got it cheap, because the kid that owned it didn't want to drive "his grand fathers car". I've added cold air intake and a free flow muffler, for a little more power. It took an afternoon, now my 5 speed kicks a little butt and at 42 years old it's cool for me.

27th Sep 2002, 05:54

Hey I'm looking at buying a 86' quarto 5000 for $500.But what I want to know if this car is a good street racer, or could be made into one. The guy who owns it now is an Audi mechanic, and the car only needs radio and paint job. He said it will do 130mph, but I need 0-60 time. If you know about this stuff email me at adams676@aol.com.

1st Jul 2003, 14:23

I have a 1986 Audi 5000 cs Quattro. It has 18100 miles on it and Still has the same pick up and power that it had when I bought it with only 57000 miles on it. I have had to replace the drivers side door handle twice only in the winter. I have found out that if you put a lot of grease on the handle before installing it that it will last longer. The 5 speed transmission is like no other car that I have had. And when the turbo kicks in it is awesome. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

23rd Jan 2013, 17:17

Do have pics of your cold air intake? I would like to put one my Audi 1988?