1995 Audi 80 TDI Avant 1.9 turbo diesel from Norway


Terrible handling, but great gas mileage


Persistent fault with the engine 'coughing' during heavy acceleration or high speed motorway cruising.

Hinge holding driver's door worn out. Had to be replaced at 205,000 km.

Accessory drive belt broke at 220,000 km causing breakdown. This was caused by a faulty tensioner.

Water pump belt tensioner gear rusted.

Loose door lock levers on driver's side.

Inner rubber bushings on forward carrier arms had to be replaced at 245,000 km.

Anti-roll bar links (balljoint) worn out at 255,000 km.

Lower, forward balljoints worn out at 250,000 km.

Air hose going to the turbo cracked open at 250,000 km.

Oil leakage from valve cover.

Rear wiper does not press hard enough onto the rear window due to corrosion in the hinge mechanism.

General Comments:

The good thing with this car is its gas mileage. You can easily get 4,5 liters per 100 km.

Also rust seems to be no big issue.

The main bad thing about the car is the handling characteristics. Driving this car is like driving a lump of jelly. The suspension is way too soft. Its cornering abilities are terrible and actually dangerous unless you really reduce your speed before a turn.

Another main issue with the car I've got, which I also can read here on this site that others have problems with, is that the engine coughs every now and then. It can be somewhat annoying.

The high beam lights are weak (no problem with charging voltage).

I drove the car for 5 hours today, and I am not very tired, and my back does not ache. I guess the seats must be okay then. I still miss the ability to adjust the steering wheel though.

The ergonomics, when it comes to levers behind the steering wheel, is suboptimal. I am talking about light controls and wiper controls. Their functions are illogical and they are difficult to handle.

The air conditioning works great. Very cool.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2009

27th Jul 2009, 13:48

I forgot to mention that also on my car, the accelerator pedal plate came off. I replaced the whole pedal.

I also had one rear brake caliper leaking. It had to be replaced.

1995 Audi 80 Avant SE 2.0 (ABK) from UK and Ireland


Superb, comfortable family bus


Front suspension wishbones (twice) (£150).

Top strut mounts (£120).

Thermostat housing (£12).

Hall sensor in distributor (£85).

Rear washer motor (£38).

Gear box rubber mounts (£50).

General Comments:

Nice car! This is the second 2.0 SE Audi I've had, the first was a saloon from 1992.

These Audis are cheap to buy, relatively, for the level of comfort, and if you can wield a set of spanners, they are a good buy. However, avoid if you are uncomfortable to get your hands dirty.

Audi are VERY helpful in sourcing parts, seevral dealers have bent over backwards to help me in the past. In addition, and this is no joke, often genuine service parts are cheaper than Halfords!

OK, if something BIG goes wrong, you'll need a specialist and a decent breaker to help. All of the parts that needed replacing (above) I think are acceptable wear and tear.

I am slightly annoyed by the 30-33 mpg I get from my car; my old saloon would do 35-37 mpg, and that had nearly 180,000 miles on!

I find the car nice and comfy, even with four adults a weeks camping gear and two surfboards on the roof! I've driven mine Land's End to John O'Groats, toured Scotland and Wales... what more can I say?

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Review Date: 8th October, 2007

1995 Audi 80 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Superb and stylish, it keeps on going


The exhaust keeps dropping down, but easily fixed with a plastic tie from garage.

Driver window very temperamental at 60000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is magic.

It is over 10 years old now and there is not an ounce of rust anywhere despite it being seriously vandalised 2 years ago.

Design wise, it is superb. It still turns heads despite its age. The inside is maybe a little bit drab, but hey, we can't have everything for £9000.

Running wise, It has passed 8 out of 10 MOTs only needing new brake pads.

As a design, Audi have never surpassed it and as a car, it is the Bowie of cars.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2006