1995 Audi 80 2.0 E from Australia and New Zealand


A top quality, great value car


Power windows stopped working. Had actuator replaced for $100.

Coolant system seal replaced. very cheap and simple repair.

General Comments:

A very economical, safe, comfortable, reliable as well as great looking car.

This is my second Audi after our first one saved our lives in a serious accident in which we sustained no injuries whatsoever.

Car handles beautifully with comfortable interior and good equipment levels.

This car looks great. People can't believe it only cost $9000. It looks like a $40000 car.

Great on long trips for comfort as well as economy. Can get 700-800 kilometres on a single tank.

Repairs and servicing are cheaper than my Mazda.

My next car will be an Audi.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2005

1995 Audi 80 Sport 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


A surprising bargain


Intermittently working fuel gauge.

Drivers seat side support worn through.

General Comments:

I bought this particular vehicle in auction, and was surprised that even with a fairly high mileage, that everything still worked as it should.

The obvious wear and tear of a high mileage vehicle was evident, but even then, the engine and gearbox were still in perfect tune.

I find the performance and handling very good, this even compares with new models that are out today.

Conclusion, buy a good one, you can't go far wrong.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2003

2nd Jan 2005, 16:30

That's low mileage for a audi 80 sport mine had 29k and died of rust in the last months of its life.

3rd Aug 2005, 10:35

I am amazed to hear your Audi 80 suffered rust problems at 29k. The Audi 80 had a 27 stage galvanised body with injection cavity wax filling and almost never rust at all unless accident damaged.

I have a 1993 80 and after 12 years there is no rust at all, and I mean NONE anywhere on the car. I checked all the door bottoms, underside, chassis welding points, hinges, suspension mounts, fuel tank Etc.

These cars don't rust unless they have been damaged.

12th Jan 2007, 13:17

I picked up a 1996 Audi 80 Sport in an auction in New Zealand for $2400 (about £750). It is the 2.6 V6 version, and goes like a rocket. It has just passed its Warranty of Fitness test (MOT) with no problems at all. The only issue I have is stalling at low revs (coasting down hill, in car parks). As it is an automatic this is more of a problem than in a manual where you can just rev it a bit.

There is no rust at all, and it still turns heads here.

10th Aug 2009, 03:13

I have recently purchased a 95 Audi 80 2.0 Sport also, and my first impressions are very good. It has covered approx 150,000 miles and still runs and drives incredibly well, returning fair MPG (I do mostly town driving - 30MPH) and when it does venture onto the express roads, the performance and road-holding are well up to standard; in fact, it out-performs many newer cars, and it is always a boon to have the additional power "on tap" in moments of need.

Bodily, there is only a small bubble of rust on a rear wheelarch, and the interior only suffers with a small bit of wear on the driver's side seat bolster. No other problems with this car! Central locking, electric mirrors and sunroof works as it should (No electric windows on this car, which I don't mind). that's amazing for a car of this age, or indeed the mileage. I can think of many other manufacturers not offering this level of build quality. With regard to my car purchases I vow to stick with the Germans or the Japanese from now on.

1995 Audi 80 1.9TDI Estate 1.9TDI from UK and Ireland


Great build and goes like the clappers!


An indicator lamp fell out, but that is it!

General Comments:

This model had the sports suspension fitted by Audi, this makes the car feel remarkably sure footed and stable.

After a little disappointment with the torque up hills I fitted a chip which has made an enormous difference.

The interior is well screwed together and feels as if it will last forever, this is complemented by the bodywork, engine and appearance to offer a wonderful package.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2002

8th Sep 2005, 11:28

Aren't you the lucky one with the Audi sport suspension. I've only have standard at the moment, but have just got some 30mm lowering springs and koni adjustable's all round. That should make the difference when I get them on! Very interested about this chip, i. e which product, where from and how much to purchase and fit. And insurance did it cost anymore?

Let me know via a comment.


25th Apr 2007, 05:02

Anybody know where I can get a chip for the 80 1.9tdi avant?

Cheers in advance.

26th Apr 2007, 01:14

I'm going to try Chipped UK, based in Bromsgrove. I was quoted 225 GBP, which included a diagnostic test and rolling road print off.

www.chippeduk.com and their phone number is 01527579345.

I have heard good reports, but I haven't been to them yet, but they report to increase torque by 50% and BHP by about 30.

It's worth getting some Fratelli Boise 520 injectors too.