1995 Audi 80 1.9TDI Estate 1.9TDI from UK and Ireland


Great build and goes like the clappers!


An indicator lamp fell out, but that is it!

General Comments:

This model had the sports suspension fitted by Audi, this makes the car feel remarkably sure footed and stable.

After a little disappointment with the torque up hills I fitted a chip which has made an enormous difference.

The interior is well screwed together and feels as if it will last forever, this is complemented by the bodywork, engine and appearance to offer a wonderful package.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2002

8th Sep 2005, 11:28

Aren't you the lucky one with the Audi sport suspension. I've only have standard at the moment, but have just got some 30mm lowering springs and koni adjustable's all round. That should make the difference when I get them on! Very interested about this chip, i. e which product, where from and how much to purchase and fit. And insurance did it cost anymore?

Let me know via a comment.


25th Apr 2007, 05:02

Anybody know where I can get a chip for the 80 1.9tdi avant?

Cheers in advance.

26th Apr 2007, 01:14

I'm going to try Chipped UK, based in Bromsgrove. I was quoted 225 GBP, which included a diagnostic test and rolling road print off.

www.chippeduk.com and their phone number is 01527579345.

I have heard good reports, but I haven't been to them yet, but they report to increase torque by 50% and BHP by about 30.

It's worth getting some Fratelli Boise 520 injectors too.

1995 Audi 80 Sport 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Developed starting problems that the dealer has been unable to sort out.

Odd electrical problems such as boot light switches, mirror switches and door switches sticking or failing.

General Comments:

Not bad, since it's a company car I guess the dealers bend over backwards to help so can't comment on normal service levels.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 1998

8th Sep 2007, 07:57

We bought a '95 2.6 80 twelve months ago with 153000km on the clock from a euro tuning shop, and it was, and still is, in stunning condition with no signs of wear anywhere.

It has performed mechanically faultlessly for the 10000k's that we have owned it. It has had some electrical issues like temporary power window failure and various instrument panel warning lights coming on despite no apparent problems.

But to drive these thing is a wonderful experience. It handles like a dream and goes pretty hard. These cars are the best Audis ever.

I spent a lot of time doing the sensible thing looking at Camrys and Corollas and found them very boring. Decided to pursue a car that fitted my penchant for german cars and instantly found these cars to be so much more attractive (a) to look at, and (b) to drive! They're inherent safety is just a bonus. (these things are solid as rocks).

Obviously I cannot recommend these things highly enough. They are now very cheap and a very good car for a mum or dad to put their kids in for their first car. GET ONE!!!

21st Mar 2010, 08:15

Update to last entry above. This car now has 197,000km on the odometer, and did an alternator at 170,000km and a power-steering pump shortly after. Power-steering issue could have been less serious, had the wife not kept driving knowing the steering was making a bad noise and engine making a burning smell. I knew the pump needed a new seal, but hadn't got round to replacing it before she cooked it.. thankfully only cost $400 to fit a reco unit.. Pretty good for a euro car! Try replacing that part at that cost in a Subaru!

Apart from those issues, the 80 has been wonderful and still scrubs up beautifully. Engine is still silky smooth and 3,000k from next service, oil still has clear appearance.

The best thing about this car is, at 15 years of age, people still say things like 'I didn't realise you drove an Audi'.

I re-iterate my previous comments on how good these things are. I drive a 2005 VW company car 1500km per week, which I also totally enjoy, but every weekend I have the pleasure of driving the 80.