A3 1.8 turbo

Nice car, but horrible quality

285 words, Norway, 1 comment

A3 Sport 2.0 turbo

Otherwise, the Audi A3 is a most enjoyable car to own

129 words, North America

A3 Sportsback Business 1.6 petrol

Great sportsback, Audi

87 words, Norway

A3 Sportback 2.0 turbo diesel

A fun diesel delight

350 words, Australia and New Zealand

A3 SE 2.0 TDI

This car saved our lives

316 words, UK and Ireland

A3 Sportback Ambition S-Line 2.0TDI 163BHP

Fantastic driving car, but reliability could be better

229 words, Belgium, 5 comments

A3 2.0T Sport 2.0


281 words, North America


116 words, North America

A3 2.0 turbo

This car is amazing in all ways, it will save you gas yet give you the ride of your life

147 words, North America