14th Aug 2004, 07:00

My new Audi A3 2.0 TD sport is almost 12 months old now and I have clocked up 33,000 miles. I am on my second 1 litre bottle of oil and am happy with this, even at around £10.00 a bottle, as I have only needed one service at 19,586 miles. Mind you at over £220 I am glad they don't come around too often.

Sat Nav - voice and graphic type = how did I ever manage without this? A couple of jam-up situations and once took me to a hotel which was situated on a motorway service area (I was not on the motorway and couldn't drive through the hedge) Overall 80% happy

Tyres - Puncture after one week cost me £135 and front two changed after 20,000 miles (my driving style I think) Back tyres at 33,000 miles very good. Overall 80% happy.

Interior (upgrade stereo + lighting pack + storage pack)

- Brilliant, sturdy, a joy to look at, practical hatch design, controls simple & clear. Overall 100%

Xenon Headlights - Every single person who has been in the car at night has been amazed by the lights. Overall 100%


Wiper motor failed in heavy rain on outside lane of motorway and took almost 2 hours for breakdown truck to come and get me. At dealers a customer care adviser said to a mechanic who inquired about the problem 'another wiper motor failure'

Just had my final letter back from VOSA telling me that no one else has had this problem.

Problems with my phone kit (ordered Audi voice activation system which was not actually available at that time) meant the supplying dealer fitted a standard kit.

When the Audi kit was available he retro-fitted it to my car and ever since I have had problems. Audi UK confirmed to me that phone kits fitted by dealers, even when part of the initial order, are not actually covered by the Audi warranty - BEWARE!

Car Overall 90% happy

Dealer service Overall 70% happy

(my previous car was a Renault - Dealer Overall 10% happy)

8th Feb 2005, 11:05

I have to agree with the previous post. Having read a range of posts about Audi and a selection of other manufacturers, it appears that some of these reviews must be taken with a pinch of salt. Others are obviously completed by people who either are ignorant of all matters mechanical or just plain mad. It makes you question its value.

18th Mar 2005, 01:36

I bought my A3 2.0TDI Sport in October 2003. On delivery, the steering wheel was not aligned. although it was ticked off as OK on the new car delivery checklist. With the car running straight, it was offset by one spline on the column.

The documentation was incorrect. Reg. no. wrong on service book, and breakdown card. In Jan. 2004, the driver's door lock failed, and I suffered the failure of the wipers.

The local dealer carried out repairs, but the wipers failed again, a few weeks later. Dealer told me this was due to a defective bolt on the wipers, and that this was a nationwide problem. (Wipers detached from motor) I contacted Audi Customer Services, who told me they had no knowledge of defective bolts on A3 wipers. Second repair to wipers not recorded on Audi Car Service History. Feb. 2005, driver's seat belt failed. Repaired by different dealer. A good car, with too many faults, let down by a Scottish dealer who gave me false information relating to the wipers. I also found their attitude arrogant and unhelpful.

30th Aug 2005, 12:36

Vancouver, Canada.

Purchased a new (to North America) Audi A3 in July... have had problems with the exterior sensors, instrument cluster, clock, outside temperature gage, and A/C. These problems were there upon delivery, but I didn't realize it until a week into my experience. More recently, the engine wasn't starting easily and the service engine light came on. Audi picked up the car, couldn't find the problem, and has asked that I pick it up... PROBLEM NOT IDENTIFIED AND NOT FIXED. The car is said to be running properly, but the fault is a 'mystery'. I've asked for a replacement or refund, however, the arrogance I've encountered and poor service is extraordinary. At 32 and a first time Audi buyer you'd think they'd be more helpful! North America Audi A3 customers you are forewarned!!!

24th Sep 2005, 22:46

Vancouver, were you referring to a 2003 or the new 2006 model?

9th Nov 2005, 06:23

I bought AudiA3 1.6 Sportback in September 2005. Within a week the car developed a loud crunching, grinding noise from the front end of the car whenever the steering wheel was turned left or right. The noise is the worst in low gears and low speeds. Took the car back twice - the dealer accepts there is a fault (probably steering rack) but can't fix it. Has anybody else had the same problem? Dealer claims Audi has a production problem and no fix is available yet. They don't want to replace the car or give me a refund, but they can't even say when they could rectify the problem. The aftersales service is appalling - I will never buy another Audi again - what a waste of money.

17th Nov 2005, 14:42

Yes took delivery of my A3 Sportback 2.0FSI T Quattro in September 2005 in the UK. Crunching noise when turn the steering wheel to the extreme left. They have ordered a replacement steering rack, but the works have been delayed as the parts are having to be "factory ordered". Will not be in till end of the year. No one has told me if the car is safe to drive and I am concerned.

PS. Voice recognition on GPS phone pack is totally rubbish. Don't buy the option - you will be shouting at the phone all day and the lady on the Audi system will just keep saying "Pardon". Waste of time and money.

18th Nov 2005, 14:34

Crunching noise in A3 Sportback steering wheel...

Sorry - is the person who bought the 1.6 Sportback the same as the person who bought the sportback from Beckenham. Or do we now have 3 people with the same problem?

Happy to discuss off-line if you like.

22nd Nov 2005, 15:49

Audi A3 2003

Problems I have had are extensive.

Wind screen wipers- off road 3 months, new coolant system, excessive oil comsumption, faulty starter- replaced and more.. anyone else with similar issues??

1st Jan 2006, 18:25

Interesting comment about the grinding noises from the steering column on the A3 - got a brand new Mk5 Golf in October and this has exactly the same problem, suspect that it may be the same component failing. I have heard of a number of other Golfs built during the second part of 2005 that have this issue.

8th Jan 2006, 07:06

Just an update the above car is still off road and now the curtesy car has also broken down now onto an A4 heres hoping.

9th Jan 2006, 11:04

I bought a 2006 A3 in October of 2005. With only 600 miles on the odometer, I began to have problems starting the car. This usually occurred while running errands, i.e., driving to different destinations and then reentering the car to turn it on and continue. Took it in at 1,500 miles as the problem progressed. Audi kept it for 2 days and called me saying that they could not duplicate the problem, so come get it. Ironically, I drove home, grabbed some things and came back out to leave again... wouldn't start! Audi had me bring it back the next day. The service consultant had me try to start it in front of him to see if this problem revealed itself. Thank goodness it did because he expressed strong convictions before that it was my fault for not depressing the clutch to the floor when I turned the key. I showed him differently. He told me he thought it was the starter, but needed one of his mechanics to take it home for the night so he, too, could duplicate the problem. I was leary since I was told the mechanic resided in a town 45 miles away. The problem occurred for the mechanic, although it never registered on the diagnostic computer...so, he replaced the starter. Problem didn't go away. Now the service consultant is telling me to bring it in so they can reprogram the ECM because, according to an Audi bulletin, it's not responding when the engine reaches a certain temperature. I will be taking it in this week. I have my fingers crossed.