21st Jan 2004, 16:34

My Audi has been plagued with problems as well and problems began within 2 days of purchase!! First, CEL (check engine light) light came on and dealer told me gas cap was loose. 2 days later same thing happened and then they told me the purge pump had to be fixed; thent he trunk lock didn't work and had to be replaced; and 5 ignition coils have failed (4 originals plus 1 replacement coil) and I have finally begun a Lemon Law action against them. My biggest concern is whether or not Audi leveled with us in the first place... is it really defective ignition coils or is there an engine problem causing the ignition coils to fail??!!! Of course Audi is now claiming car is fixed after they recalled the coils...funny but I blew a replacement coil so car is apparently not fixed!!

7th Feb 2004, 11:33

I have an 2002 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro and have about 20,000 miles. I have not had one problem with the car yet. This has been the most reliable and most enjoyable car I have ever owned. It's a flawless car (except for a view scratches in the bumper).

9th Feb 2004, 04:55

Finally I've found some others who are experiencing problems similar to mine. I have a 2002 A4 which I bought new. Last night was the 8th time I've been stranded in the car because of a variety of malfunctions, mostly electrical and ignition coils. Had to be towed 200 miles last night using two different tow companies. I'm ready to take action - something more serious than hollering and complaining to my dealer and service manager. Any suggestions on where to start would be greatly appreciated.


21st Feb 2004, 16:59

To remedy problems with Audi A4 you must call Volkswagen of America. It helps if you have owned more than one Audi. They will open a problem record. Keep after them. They will tell the dealer what to do.

2nd Mar 2004, 20:47

My 2002 Audi A4 has tons of problems. It has been in the shop for more at least 15 times since I first bought I in Feb 2002. List of problems include:

EPC, Airbag, seatbelt, exhaust, you name them!

It's a nice car except for the PROBLEMS. Do think carefully before making the decision.

20th Mar 2004, 22:43

With big illusion I purchased a brand new Audi A4 1.8 T Q. By now I have approx. 36,000 miles on it. So far I was stranded twice and had it at the dealer additional times (toe hook cover, gasoline cap, windshield wiper fluid pump and fuse...). It all started with the bizarre fact that every once in a while the windshield wiper or the blinker go off once (without activation!!!). I started composing a spreadsheet to ID whether this occurred under certain circumstances, but this is so irregular that there is no way to determine what is happening (it can happen 3 times within 25 miles and then again after several hundred miles; it happens when standing or driving at different speeds). Needless to say that the dealer claims that they cannot find anything wrong. Of course, I was stranded due to the ignition coil problem and today due to the appearance of the oil pressure warning light. The car handles beautifully on the road, but at this point I am wondering if all the problems are worth it.

10th Jul 2004, 17:30

I am the owner of a 2004 Audi A4 Avant 1.8 Quattro with 2750 miles on it, and you guessed it, it is already in the shop. I do wish I had found this website prior to my purchase. I think I may have chosen a different car had I read your comments sooner. Certainly the driving experience is much more refined than my Subaru Outback, although the 1.8 is somewhat underpowered.

My problem is with the engineering of the car itself. A week ago, I blew a tire at freeway speeds, never having the sensation of hitting a thing. As a result, by the time I was able to reach the safety of the shoulder of the road, the "low profile" high performance Goodyear tire had completely severed its tread from the wheel. Unbeknownst to me, it had also:

-Punctured the filler hose to the gas tank, requiring the replacement of the entire gas tank, a $700 part,

-destroyed the wiring of the fuel system to the central computer,

-punctured the sheath around the shock absorber on that wheel, requiring replacement of the entire shock absorber, a $200 part,

-and destroyed the wheel liner on that wheel, requiring its replacement, at $150.00. This entails 6-8 hours of labor, at$100 per hour, in addition to replacement of the tire, at $180.00. That comes to a $2030.00 flat tire, not counting the tip I gave the guy from AAA who fixed the flat.

The dealer and Audi of America have been completely unresponsive, stating that this is "outside influence".

My check engine light didn't go on for 5 days, so I drove around with a bad shock and a leaky gas tank during that time.

I am concerned about the safety of this vehicle and plan to sell the car.

20th Jul 2004, 14:33

Owner of 2002 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro...

My A4, at 58,000 miles suddenly stopped at a highway. There was a clicking noise from the engine and the car just stopped!!!

The dealer came up with the 'cylinder failure' diagnosis, and told me the top part of the engine needs to be replaced... the part alone costs 6,000 bucks!!!

I am in a process of talking with Audi USA...

I was wondering, was there ever a recall notice of cylinder failure in the engine for this car? Because the Audi USA told me there was no open record for this matter...

If there are any suggestions or comments... please tell me at jjung72 at hot mail dot com... Thank you...

A very frustrated Audi owner.

29th Mar 2005, 20:49

Well, I don't necessarily agree with all your comments, my family is on our 3rd audi A4 we always opted for the normal aspirated v6's (4 bangers give everybody in my family headaches - and we all have lead feet)...the 1996 had terrible electricals... windows opening, and the sunroof opening on its own... rainy days...This is now my older sisters car, and shes invested about 5grand to repair this 140K lemon.

The 1997, and the 1999.5 A4 2.8's...those have been great cars (they were both manuals) and have served us well mine (1999.5) has not broken in nearly 25,000 miles, not even brakes! I'm almost worried! we recently traded in the 1997, no major problems.

These cars are assembled in Hungary, and then finally finished in Germany, Early A4 1.8T's, and 2.8's have had many many problems (1 of our 3 A4's has been a lemon) my sister has been given 2 k from me and my mom to buy a NEW car...

My point basically is that Audi does not have the brand loyalty of a Lexus, or even Mercedes's But, I refuse to buy a Lexus, and BMW's are not snow-worthy. So I love my Audi A4!

30th Apr 2005, 15:28

I have a 2002 A4 3.0 Quattro. I have had many of the same problems described above -- failed coil (replaced), blown fuses on windshield spray pump and now the radio won't turn on. Audi has stood behind the product so far, but all these other potential issues -- such as the engine cylinder issue -- are scary. The car drives great, the sound system is excellent. Would hate to get rid of it, but now I'm thinking about it.