10th Jul 2008, 03:07

I don't know what all you guys are talking about. Honestly now. I have a 2002 B6 A4 1.8T Quattro 5 speed. Yes I have had some problems with the car, but Audi has taken care of everything. At 85k miles I had somewhat of a sludge problem and the car was not under warranty anymore, but they took care of it. I got a whole new motor. Then at 125k miles I had a g28 sensor go out, and again they fixed it under warranty.

I currently have 138K on the car and no problems. And my family has owned Mini's, BMW's, Honda S2000's, and an Evo. All cars have problems, and yes they all got taken in.

Kia's break all the time so no one is perfect. Stuff happens; that's why you have warranty or you can even get it on used cars.

Also if you have problem with a dealer and they can't find a problem, then go to another dealer or ask for another tech. Some techs are stupid. Like the guy in the beginning with the ESP light on and car dying. You just needed a new MAF sensor, and so on.

So good luck to everyone and ya.

1st Nov 2008, 16:51

Hi guys, I've got an Audi A4 1.8T 2003.

This engine light came on. I took it to Audi for servicing, and to see the reason why that light came on. They came with problems like gas escaping from somewhere, however the light was off but not for long.

My car rides great, but that light is a pain. Does anybody knows how to take it off???

22nd Nov 2008, 02:40

I own a 2002 1.8T. Recently the ESP light come on after I replaced the new front brake pads, so I took it to a local garage. The tech said is the problem with the steering wheel sensor. Anyone experienced this problem before, and how much it cost to fix? Thanks for sharing.

25th Nov 2008, 20:07

Im fixing my girls 04 audi A4 Quat. Nothing is easy on this car. Im 44 and have been a tech since 1984. Had the coil thing, power window thing, esp light, etc. 70,000 miles. Now its the noisy gas filter. The dealer said there is a regulator inside, making the surging sound. I bought the part had trouble getting the front 2 hoses off. The backs were easy. Broke 1 clip have to buy new lines and drop the tank.

Worked on everything over the years, Car Not tech friendly. No more Audi service for me.

17th Dec 2008, 20:23

I have an 04 A4 Cab that has only had a few issues.

- Normal plastic junk (BMW had similar problems on a 2001 740i)

Cup holder broke from minimal use.

Glove box hinge broke with minimal use.

- The real scary problem - cold weather and the CVT.

At start, the car revs, moves 5-10 feet, then the engine rpm goes to idle and you're stuck...

Only way to get going again is:

1. Push the car and it engages like and manual being push started

2. Wait and the engine warms up...

Other than the cold weather issue (only has occurred a few times), the car is a joy to drive, handles well, and gets up to 32 mpg (yes, I have the 4 cylinder).

7th Jan 2009, 15:33

I have a 2006 A4 Quattro and it's been the car from hell.

- Radiator replaced in the first year.

- Keys stopped working - replaced

- Fuel injectors malfunctioned - replaced

- Discover the fuel system needs to be adjusted - fixed

- Gear shift disc breaks, can't turn off engine

- The car runs out of gas twice - they think I'm crazy - has to be reset

- Engine coil breaks, light flashing - gets towed immediately

- Now find out the gasket cover is broken


5th Feb 2009, 13:04

2002 Audi A4 Avant 4x4 nearly 200,000km.

Since this car left the showroom it had non-stop electrical problems.

It started with the rear, passenger-side window opening and closing randomly - sometimes when it was raining, once in a car-wash, and several times after I had parked and locked the car.

This malfunction migrated to the rear hatch which would regularly release while I was driving.

Next the sun-roof began opening and closing on its own, or closing shortly after it had been opened.

Then the head-lights would flash on and off when they were switched off.

And for the last month, since our temperatures have been between -15 and -40, the heating system has stopped functioning.

Naturally the check-engine light has been illuminated since the autumn of 2001 when the car was purchased, and is only switched off for a few minutes every time I leave the dealership.

The windshield-wiper motor has been replaced twice, and the list goes on, and on.

Every visit to the dealership is met with frustrating suspicion because their computer diagnosis never reveals a cause for these malfunctions.

The heating system malfunction is the final straw and I have started looking at non-Volkswagen alternatives since the chorus of dissatisfaction with this and the Audi brand seems to be growing.

If any readers have success getting VW to act on any of the problems I've outlined above, please post a follow-up.


6th Mar 2009, 12:16

I own a 2002 Audi A4 Quattro with 3.0 engine. This car has been great to me for the past few years. Just recently my check engine light came on at 67,5000 miles. I asked Audi if it could be the timing belt. They said those usually go after 85,000 miles. Anyone having this problem???

24th Mar 2009, 14:05

I just bought a 02 A4, and the windshield wipers have stopped stopping at the bottom of the windshield, and are stopping at the top now. I think it's because I left them on over night, and when I started my car after a fresh snow fall, they couldn't go anywhere, so when they did start going again they got screwed up. Does anyone know how to fix this?


22nd Apr 2009, 09:40

To the owner of Audi 2002 A4 3.0 Quattro,

I have the same model and love the car.

My CEL just came on @88K miles so went to dealer, though Auto Zone could have run a computer diagnostic for FREE. (1) of the 2 catalytic converters is shot. Will need replacing.

Most CEL problems have to do with emissions, unless car is not driving normally, engine shudders, etc.

Now I need to double check and see if there is an aftermarket converter; otherwise, got to get a costly Audi part.

10th Jun 2009, 09:49

I just recently purchased a 2002 A4 1.8 all wheel drive a month ago from a used car dealer and I have taken it to the shop three times. I am financing the vehicle and being a single parent I am so scared I am going to run into more problems. Everyone says I have brought a headache. I love the car itself. I had to get a new head gasket, because oil was leaking so they replaced that under warranty, then my check engine light came on and I took it for a reading. It came up wth code p0018 coolant temp sensor they replaced that. But before they replaced that I had anti-freeze leaking and they had to replace the housing hose. As you may tell I am a scared female and hope I am not getting cheated.