23rd May 2007, 07:50

No wonder you are having engine problems with it, 83 octane is like putting sand in the 1.8.

8th Aug 2007, 04:26

83 octane in a turbo engine?? That's just cruel.

These go well on 98 though!

29th Jan 2008, 15:49

"Utilize the turbo charger?"

Poster is not exactly car-savvy, judging by this wording.

All of your issues were dealt with under warranty... good grief, complaining that you just can't neglect the car?

And running 83 octane in an engine designed to run on minimum SAE 91 is an exercise in laziness, neglect, and poor financial reasoning.

10th Feb 2008, 20:19

The guy probably meant 93... could be and hopefully is a typo haha.

6th Oct 2008, 11:09

I have a 2001 Audi A4 1.8t... AWD etc. It's an all around good car, but I have the same gas tank problem and wind shield washer problem. Also my check engine light is on and they do not know why... they thought it was from the exhaust, but the exhaust was fine... I will never buy another Audi/VW again.

And I am 17, and I can't afford to fix this magnificent peace of crap

23rd Nov 2008, 22:53

I have the same gas gauge problem on my 01 Audi A4 1.8t.

I love the car, but I hear most problems are on the 2001 VWs and Audis, not exactly sure why, probably just a rumor.

Either way, even though it has its faults, I love this car to death and will drive it till the piston shoots through my hood, because I was too lazy to add oil.

30th Jan 2009, 14:29

I don't know what you guys are doing to your cars. My has been great to me. I have had my share of issues, but nothing worse than other people have had with other manufacturers.

I have 125k on her, and have replaced the brakes, oil pump, fuel pump, and all 4 wheel bearings. Total out of pocket for all that was only $200 because of the warranty.

I changed all the coils recently for only $135 because one went bad and was told it's a good idea to change them all at the same time. Also my engine light has been on an off for the 7 years of having the car, but spending $6 and about an hour working on it in my garage I changed a few vacuum hoses that were dry rotting.

These cars are not that hard to work on yourself if you pop the hood every once in a while and see what doesn't look right.

10th Feb 2009, 08:16

My experience with an A4 has been really good. I have a 1998 A4 1.8t FWD 5 spd, and bought this car with 105k on it, and now it has 156k with no problems except that I changed the control arms set and the temperature sensor. I am a rough driver on it, love to accelerate really fast.

With everything said, this has been one on my favorite cars, unlike the 2000 A6 2.7t that I bought for my wife, which ended up being the worst mechanical problem car I ever bought.

8th Nov 2010, 11:14

I love this car and have nothing but good things to say. In my 10+ years of ownership I've done the following stuff (beyond the usual oil + filter upkeep) :

- Replaced fog and headlight bulbs

- Brakes + rotor pads

- New battery

- Vacuum hoses

- Wheel bearings (front right only)

In 2009 there was a recall for coil packs, which was covered by Audi.