7th Apr 2006, 09:53

See the review titled "Great performance and features" for an update on this car.

21st Aug 2007, 23:08

Do not buy an Audi A4 1.8T. My brother just bought one for 7,400 and he has only drove it about 7 times just around town and it crapped out on him tonight. The car started acting funny then the engine started shaking really bad and now it is dead!! Don't buy one!!!

14th Jun 2008, 13:53

I just purchased a Audi A4 1.8T Quattro a week ago, and guess what? The turbo went out, I have a squeak in the front right side, the check engine light just came on yesterday, first and second gear shift bad-other than that the car looks nice. Damn car dealer sold me a screwed up car and will not give me my money back. What is this world coming too? No Love - Just Greed... Good luck if you get a good Audi, cause my first time having one is going to be my last.

12th Dec 2008, 15:59

I work as a service adviser at a independent garage, and about 6 months ago bought my 1999 Audi A4 1.8t. The first thing I did before I actually purchased the vehicle is had it inspected.

My tech told me that this car (with 118k miles) needed some front suspension work, a turbo bypass valve, and some other minor repairs.

I took the responsibility of doing my home work and finding that all Audis, Volvos, BMWs, Fords, Chevys and other makes and models will all need maintenance.

The point is, that before you buy any vehicle, you should always have a garage (not a dealer) do a pre purchase inspection before you spend thousands of dollars on a car that needs thousands of dollars of work.

By the way, with some custom exhaust work and a little TLC, I love mine.

25th Feb 2010, 17:28

Audis are not appliance-cars that run without ever opening the hood. They are cars that require special maintenance and services other cars don't. If you do perform all these services, Audis will live for about 4 times longer than a regular economy car.

It's like buying shoes. You buy the expensive ones, you have to maintain it and it will last at least 10 years.

Or you can go to payless and get a pair of plastic disposable shoes that last 6 months.

26th Feb 2010, 16:08

Having owned five Audis, a few things -- first get it inspected before you buy it. Second, do a FULL service with your favourite mechanic, not the dealership. This service should include replacing the cambelt/tensioner/rotor, water pump, oil/filter, fuel filter, thermostat, plugs, etc. and drain the brake fluid and coolant. And if its automatic (I'm replying to the comments so I haven't read the original entry) definitely service it by draining the fluid, changing the gaskets and strainers. That'll cost, but those are the main items that cause 95% of breakdowns in most cars.

From then on, oil change/inspection service every 6 months or 10,000 km, again with your mechanic, not the dealer. Since you have a turbo, critical that you use the right oil, you may also want to change oil sooner, say 7,500 km.

Being a quattro, you must always pay attention to your tyres' pressure and condition, and rotate them at every oil service.

Everything else that breaks is usually age and wear.

Join an Audi forum and you'll learn more about the car and what sort of common problems it may have, and how to avoid it or rectify it. Even Toyotas these days have problems, the day of the old indestructible Mercedes Panzer cars is over.