1999 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro from North America


Small/low interior, smooth ride, amenities. Sold to me AS IS. Any tips?

General Comments:

Hi, I was just looking up (more) info about 1999 Audi A4s, and found this comment/review section. I have a 2003 Hyundai Accent GL, which is at 97k miles. I had gotten offers of about $2,500 from dealerships for me to trade it in. I found an Audi online for $8,000, so I went to check it out. That dealership offered me $2,000 for my car (its loan pay off is $6k) - which is in EXCELLENT condition, especially for its mileage.. but its clean even for a 30k mile car! And I always kept up on the maintenance using Hyundai's maint. log :) Anyway, I've been in Benzs and stuff before, but not an Audi.

I got inside and quickly realized that the space inside was very limited - something I'll have to get used to. Even though my Hyundai is only a 2 door, it probably has just as much space inside. But because I've been looking into getting a different car for about the last 20k miles, and I was so in the mindset that I will get a car that has more options/features (like cruise control, ABS, good crash test rating... sunroof & leather were optional.. but the A4 did have it) that I ended up signing the papers to turn my little baby over to them and get the Audi. I tell you, it's cramped in the Audi. But I guess it's something I'll get used to.

It's not outside of my house right now, because they said they would repair a couple of minor things (the gear shift section was all cracked/completely torn apart - it's an automatic, and the cloth area that runs along the side of the windshield was peeling off), but I'll have it tomorrow!

I'm excited, but apprehensive at the same time, because - since Virginia allows - it's being sold AS IS (I'll probably be taking it to a mechanic tomorrow - one that I know, just to get a synopysis of its maintenance status, if anything IS wrong, I probably couldnt do anything since it was sold As Is). Even though during the test drive, the guy from that tiny dealership said "I can get ___ fixed for you", and at the office the other guy said "If anything happens within 30 days, I mean, you can just bring it back here and we'll fix it for you". At first he was saying that he was able to fit the Guardian warranty into the loan amount of no more than $12k. But much later on when I said "So you were able to fit the 6 month warranty into there too right?" He said "No" with kind of a chuckle in his voice, and said that I could come back within 30 days and purchase it though.

I read up on buying used cars, kind of extensively yesterday, so even though I went to their small dealership by myself, I (hope I) knew the right questions to ask. I asked to get their "repair promises" in writing. They happily agreed and did a written "promissary note", which stated that as far as the 30-day spoken warranty, it will only cover engine and transmission... but I guess that's better than nothing.. and those are the main components anyway.

*sighs* People's judgements are just knawing at the back of my head - I know one family member in particular who is going to think it was a bad idea. But hey, it's my money, and if the Audi makes me happy (which, hopefully it will) then so be it (and as good as my Hyundai had been, I heard that they crap out at 100k miles, and that's when its warranty ends anyway, so I get to avoid that).

People make worse choices than buying a used car... and I wouldn't want to be that family member, they have a very judgmental/nasty disposition. So, why do I even care? I know I shouldn't.

Well anyway, my new car (since I did already pay for it, after all) is a 1999 Audi A4. I will send you guys updates I guess (if I remember to :P) and hopefully it will only be good news. I was reading another person's comments about the maintenance that their car required, and it really didn't sound like anything out of the ordinary (expensive maybe, but not lemon material). My Hyundai hasn't required much (I hate that I just paid for $300 brakes/rotors for it about 1 week ago, since I'm trading it). I can say that I was a happy Hyundai owner. I hope that Audis do well at high-miles, because I cover miles quickly. Although, I'll really try not to with the Audi. Since it's already at 81k miles.

Well, thanks for reading, and maybe you'll hear back from me soon! Drive safely/courteously.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2006

4th Apr 2006, 10:41

Audis are not reliable cars, but maybe you'll be lucky. At least you'll have an independent mechanic check it out to know what you're in for.

The other thing to consider is that you do realize that Audis and Hyundais are worlds apart as far as maintenance costs, don't you? Count on at least triple to maintain this car vs. your Hyundai.

Good luck with it all.

1999 Audi A4 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Beautiful, comfortable, but not reliable


The front suspesion has caused trouble since reaching 50,000 miles. The cost of this so far has been €700 and is still causing trouble.

The Central Locking Pump has finally gone after years of noise.

The rear boot lock button failed in 2002.

The car is relatively comfortable, but at a price.

I would be very wary about going for another newer A4 as it has the same suspension problems.

The Main dealer is pricey and is not interested when your car passes the 3 year old mark.

If I had known the car was going to be this troublesome I would have bought another VW. so much for quality??

General Comments:

I bought the A4 because of the styling and comfort. Now I look past this and see how much it costs to run a 3-5 year old A4.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2005